Essay on Independence Day

That was one of the oldest memories of Independence Day. Homework on 14th August always included either an essay on Independence Day or "Nibandh Lekhan: Gantantra Diwas". Needless to say, it was still a special day.

Living in Delhi, being a Government Officers daughter, studying in a school run on the principles of the man who proudly translated the National Song into "Mother I bow to thee" - how could we not love this day? I don't remember a single year in the past 20 years (counting since I remember), when I did not wake up at 6 in the morning to watch the Prime Minister's speech, scan the audience to locate my Dad, scribble words from the chaste Hindi commentary to use them in my essay later and stand up in respect of the flag and the anthem.

I have vivid memories of the Independence Day of 1997 - the 50th year of celebration. I trudged along with my father to the Red Fort, with dreams of this day being very different from the ones I had witnessed so far - something more dramatic than just a Jai Hind. Sleepy eyed, I sat in the audience looking all sides to see if there was anything different this year. And sure there was. A huge balloon in the shape of India's national symbol had been erected. The three lions swayed dangerously throughout the speech and made the speech way more dramatic, if you tried imagining the lions swaying to the emotions of the words in the speech. But that wasn't all. The real drama came when a helicopter on security duty ran into a corner of the balloon by mistake and tore it apart. All the children watched amused, as the air from the balloon escaped, reducing the size of the massive balloon. Exciting stuff for a 9 year old!

For most people, its another holiday. Even better if its on a weekday. I am no different, except that I am different. This is the only holiday when waking up early does not pinch. I wait for the 21 gun salute to ring there at the Red Fort and crave my ears to hear the echo on our glass windows. It feels special to be close to something so historic, so significant.

Why am I writing this today? Because I don't know where I will be next year. I may or may not be in Delhi and that just makes me feel insanely nostalgic. Or maybe, this will become one of those little traditions for me. Make it to Delhi, somehow on Independence Day every single year till I am alive. Who knows?!

This year was extra-special, also because for the first time ever, I got a chance to represent India somewhere and no words can describe the feeling that oozes through your body when you walk down a stage with your flag fluttering on a big screen.

Its just another holiday. I know. But lets try not making it just another holiday? Its a significant day and in some way, we are all connected to it. On that note, Happy Independence to all of you!


 PS: I can't believe I managed to write a serious blog post! :D Calls for immediate celebration! :D


  1. well lets hope most of the countrymen did what you have asked , although i doubt it ..

    at this moment I dont know why we want to celebrate the day or have a holiday , indepenace from what all that is independace from british rule .. other than that we as the citizens have failed those martyrs and those who fought for this freedom.

    lovely article though , reminded me of those days when i was in india , had NCC the march past , THAT josh we had to do something , the promises we made .. the thrill and the pride on the command of

    "squad Teeno teen main daiyne se Tej chal"
    "squad sahmne se Salute- Salute".. to the Tiranga ..

    sorry if i bored you :)


  2. Wow! I am impressed. I used to be like you....get up in the morning, watch TV, stand up for the national anthem. Though I went back to sleep by late morning. But over the years, cynicism has crept in. More so since I started working in the development sector. Because I foolishly though I was contributing towards making this country a better place - but after five years I have to accept that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Sigh!

  3. TheothersideoflifeFriday, August 17, 2012

    Not bored at all! Lovely to hear your stories! :)

  4. TheothersideoflifeFriday, August 17, 2012

    But even then, I would say respect! For atleast having the guts to do something in the development sector..Most of us would just slouch away! :)

  5. Hey...Remember me? How are you doing? I am yet to catch up on things on your side...but hope everything is well.

    And you happen to the first person I know this excited about I-Day, these days, which is very unfortunate.

  6. Dil! How are you? Where have you been?! Been so long!

  7. I can imagine that feeling of pride and honor! Congratulations. You are among the lucky ones. :)

    It's been long since I last came here. And it's been long since you last wrote. So write a new post soon :)

  8. Hmm.. lucky you.. I get to experience the thrill each time I cross the red fort...i m excited cause am planning fr a delhi trip soon!! :)

  9. Hey preeks !! came back to your blog after looong time was as lovely and refreshing as it always is .... feels like connected with you like old times just by reading yoir stuff ...take care :)

  10. TheothersideoflifeSaturday, December 08, 2012

    Thanks Ajay! :)

  11. TheothersideoflifeSaturday, December 08, 2012

    Hope your trip was fun! :)

  12. TheothersideoflifeSaturday, December 08, 2012

    Thanks Nidhi! :)


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