Birthday Bumps!

Twenty eight years back, I bought a lot of laughter into the lives of my family. I guess, us, January 13, borns have this in common. I share my birthday with none other than the absolutely fabulous, the one and only and my favorite, Elaine Benes from Seinfeld. That's right. Julia Louis Dreyfus.

What better way to celebrate than to share her most famous contribution to American humour. Her dance:

I dance worse than her. So, its ok to have this on my blog!

That aside though, with Blogathon coinciding with the birthday month and all, I thought I should do something different today. I decided to write about those, who, in my opinion, are making the world a better place to live. Given today's day and age, where we pretty much live only for ourselves, work for money and feel better about ourselves, I think we owe it to these rare few souls who do go out and do their bit to change the world.

First on my list is Wello Water Wheel.
So when I first heard Cynthia Koenig talk about this and show a demonstration, I wanted to slap myself really really hard. How could we never think of this product? It was right there in front of us, and yet it took a foreigner to come here, observe us and make this? 

This is what she made:

This is it. This is what she made. And what does this do? This:

Transform a rural woman's life, because now instead of walking miles with water on her head, she just fills the wheel with water and rolls it. Why is this important? Because it is so simple, it saves her time, she can now do so much more, her kids can go to school instead of standing in queues, she can go to school or she can even just sit at home. But atleast, she is not going through hell, carrying heavy things on her head. Just with a simple wheel.

Why didn't it occur to us? Because we consider Design to be someone else's department. 

Do check out . You will be amazed by their work!

And number 2 on the list is The Better India
To be frank, when I started following The Better India, it was for work. But gradually, I started looking forward to their little bits of positive news on the feed everyday. The Better India's objective is to report only positive news. Because news today is no longer news, but only loud opinions, The Better India comes as a breathe of fresh air.
Where else would you read about a photography club run by a group of visually impaired people or the fact that 12,000 text books are being made available for free by the Government to ensure everyone has access to education?
Bad stuff happens everywhere. But it's the good stuff that will stand out. So, lets help them in their little mission to make the good more prominent! Do follow them on

That's my two heroes for the day. Do you know anyone who is changing the world? Do share! Would love to know about others like them!

Have an awesome day! 

Also, I turned 28 today. Sigh. For the first time ever, I feel old. I don't want to be old.

Your truly,
Now 28 years old Preeks 


  1. Happppppy birthday! You are a capricorn! Lots of love and wishes to you big girl :)

    I didn't know about the things you mentioned here and realised we sulk about such stupid things (first world problems!) in life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wishing a very happy birthday to Preeks who forever remains young at heart!! There is lil guy at my home who has changed my world and I keep sharing it every single day!!

    1. So true! :)
      So many new perspectives!

  3. Happy Birthday Preeks! This one did not show up on my reader :o
    I think I will have to follow 'Better India', need to cure the cynicism too! :D
    Hope you have a wonderful year!

  4. Wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday Preeti :)
    What a positive way to celebrate your birthday by sharing these two that've made a huge difference in so many lives. I have known about them both and yes, every bit of positivity helps big time :)


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