Day 8: Leaving on a Jet Plane

On an average, I take two flights every 10 days. Atleast. Then there are weeks when I take 4. And if I add in some personal travel on the weekend, then more.
And in all these flights, I have noticed something very peculiar about myself - how I behave when I am taking a flight for official work versus when I am travelling as a tourist. I am two absolutely different travellers, locked in my body.

For instance, lets take baggage. When I travel for work, I pack just enough for me to survive the trip. Its almost a crime to pack anything extra. If someone makes a dinner plan on such a trip, I go directly from office because I haven't got an extra pair of clothes. But when I am a tourist, it is always this case:

And after calculations that almost require an Excel macro, I come to a decision and check in.

Then comes seat selection. I don't know why I do this. But this always happens:

Always. Always. I am always on a window seat in personal travel and always on aisle in official travel. Something to do with wanting to see the sights or the freedom angle, wanting to see sky, I don't know. Its just weird.

Next step is Security check. I always get stopped when I am travelling personal. Its always like this:

On the other hand, in official travel, The security people are almost bored of me. They just wave me by like I could never carry anything dangerous when I am traveling on work. When on the contrary, the chances of being violent are far higher at work.

And the next bit, I swear is what shocks me the most. 

I can literally close my eyes and rattle off the entire menu on Indigo. I know exactly what is available and what is not. And yet, when I am on a personal travel, I waste 10 minutes of the air hostess, asking them why the samosa is served cold, while the upma is served hot. Always. I try things I have never had on the flight, which I know for a fact, will be bad.

And the feeling on landing:

I guess this one explains the whole journey and the differences.

Why am I writing this? Because there's a long weekend coming up and I am off to Goa today with Sherlock. Which means, bye bye Business traveller, HELLO Tourist!

The only time I don't mind the 3 hour journey to the Bangalore airport. Off we go! 

Have a fun long weekend! :)



  1. Birthday celebration!! Yayyyy! Now I know what you were talking about last week when you said you had some exciting things coming up.

    I adore your drawings! Love that hat :D

    I always take the window seat! I just hate getting up for people who want to go to the loo. Why do you take the aisle seat during business trip? Hurry to get down? Are you someone who makes conversation with people sitting next to you? I generally don't, except one fine day when I sat next to a hot South African guy! This was the only time I was not seated next to an old uncle or a woman with a wailing.

    Goa must be fun! Eager to hear more about it in the next posts!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! In Goa now! :)
      I take the aisle so I can leave early. I generally don't talk to people. But once in a while, I do. Especially when the flight is delayed and there is a general chitter chatter going around! :D

    2. I dropped by to check. Where is the post! I feel like a hungry kumbhakaran whose has not got his food on time.

  3. Enjoy Goa!
    I usually choose window so no one makes me get up. And I have support to sleep on. I don't travel for work until it is out of the country so that means I am already pretty pissed so I make most of the movies and food! :D
    Are you planning to write from Goa? :o

  4. Hope have a fantastic time in Goa :)
    Given the number of hours you fly overall, I'm sure you've had this post in your head from a while. Great portrayal there.

    1. Actually, surprisingly, no! :D
      I figured this out only when I was leaving for Goa! :D


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