It's Really Ok.

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It's ok to feel bad when something good happens to someone.
It's ok sometimes to want to shoot with a gun.
It's ok to be irritated when someone scratches fingernails on Teflon.
It's ok to miss a post or two in your first Blogathon.

It's ok to not want leave Goa and come home.
It's ok to suffer a severe case of Monday blues syndrome.
Its ok if your motivation level is not that of Aragon.
It's ok when bad connectivity makes you miss Blogathon.

It's ok to eat good food everyday, like Cheese Patty.
It's ok even if the food is unhealthy and fatty.
It's ok even if you resolved this year to run a Marathon.
It's ok even if while eating, you forgot the Blogathon.

It's ok to never ever want to go to work.
It's ok to sit at home when office has a vintage Wifi network.
It's ok while at home, to look at pics of Paris, Brussels and Lebanon.
It's ok, while doing this, to miss a post for Blogathon.

It's ok to be just ok with everything in life.
It's ok sometimes to not do much and just be somebody's wife.
Because in life, you are not a fairy or a leprechaun.
It's only human to miss a few posts in the damned Blogathon.


  1. You are correct. It is absolutely ok.

  2. heehee, totally okay if you come back with fun poem!

  3. OK is the best .. i think in the rush to get WONDERFUL or BRILLIANT we lose the OK .. so OK is marvellous and brilliant :)



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  5. Its really Ok...true that...this one does deserve some accolades.Cheers!

  6. It is good to be OK. OK is a peace within yourself.


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