Long Live The Clan

In the same league as that of superheroes,
There exists another clan that deserves your bows.
They are the rare few, the strong, the doers,
They are the clan of Saturday office goers.

When on Thursday you prepare for the weekend,
When mails for "Friday Fun at Work" you send,
When Friday dawns and you debate which jeans to wear,
That's when the Clan silently sheds a tear.

But they are the clan of strong, eternal optimists,
In just 1 Sunday, they complete all chores on their lists.
They take joy in whizzing through roads on Saturday,
While you still recover from your wild Friday partaaay.

It builds character, they say,
To work while your FB feed reads like a teen's typical day,
To see check-ins to Fennys, TGIF and Chilly,
While you work your ass off silly.

In ways you can't imagine, it changes them.
At job interviews they use this new wisdom
"Do you have any questions for us?"
"Yes. Is it true? Saturdays are off, says the buzz."

That's the Clan of Saturday office goers,
Don't feel bad, for we are the doers.
Long live the Clan. Long live the Clan.
Let me go make my sad one day weekend plan.

(Most Saturdays feel like this with Sherlock)


  1. Hahaha wow you have become a poet! Blogathon is doing great for you. I loved this post!!


    1. May I add, I wrote this on the flight, typed it in the cab and posted it while in a restaurant? Dedication is a trait of us Clan of Saturday Office Goers.

    2. *applause* *bows down*

  2. Lols!!Poor you..I know going to office on Saturday is horrible!!Glad to know that you are in blogathon!!

    1. Yes, horrible would be a good word! :(

    2. Bravo you superhero!
      You're doing great, both at work & in churning out uber cool posts :)
      Hope you enjoyed your Sunday

  3. Unacceptable.
    The state; the poetry was most welcome!

    1. Bad times get the best out of the Clan!


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