Real Life Math Skills Exam

Duration of Exam: 30 minutes

Please write your Roll Number clearly.

Subject: Real Life Math Skills

Question 1:

"Ms. X lives in Bangalore. Her office is 15 km away from home. She leaves the house at 08:00 am, in a good mood, at 60 kmph. Within 1 km of her house, she runs into an Auto Rickshaw going in the opposite direction, without a care in the world. Refer diagram for details:

The auto-rick continues driving at 30 kmph and passes by, while Ms X slows down to 5 kmph, with lots of honking behind her. She has now added atleast 800m more to the already 1.5 km long traffic jam on the road. Calculate:

1. The approximate time by which Ms. X must delay her meeting at 9:30 am.
2. The numeric equivalent of the stress the Auto guys caused Ms. X.
3. The number of times Ms. X must curse before she feels better.

Question 2:

Ms. X is an MBA. She makes Powerpoint presentations for her living. The number of versions of a presentation she makes before the final gets approved without any more changes is 21 on an average. It takes her 3 hours to make each version and 40 minutes to incorporate each change. Consider the case when:

Ms X makes version 9 on 12th January. On 13th January, the version goes through 3 senior management executives. Each of them suggest 6 changes, at an interval of 3 hours each.

Calculate the version number Ms. X would reach on 14th January.

Question 3:
Ms. X is a blogger. In a fit of excitement over a new year coming in, she takes up the Blogathon. However, given that she is human and normal, her enthusiasm to write a post follows this curve:

If you calculate, you will see, that the enthusiasm is:

Enthusiasm = F(mood, day of the week, how bad the day was, how long the traffic jam was, what song she heard on the radio)

Based on this, calculate how many decent posts Ms. X can churn out at the end of the 30 day Blogathon period.


Ok, time up. Please submit your sheets now.

I said, now. Stop writing. Don't make me snatch.


  1. ROFL. I see your frustration, but I have to say I am having a gala time reading all your posts (Stupid app on my phone doesn't let me comment for blogspot blogs)

    So next time that line chart goes down, think of happy souls like me. :)

    1. Oh I was wondering where you had disappeared! :)
      I'll definitely think about you! :)

  2. Hahahaha LOVED this post!! (how many times have I said this already!)

    I was reminded of exams and maths and still was smiling while reading this post. I just can't deal with math problems, in real life :-/ those were some difficult questions for my math dumb mind.

    Haha in the end the teacher also says, 'keep your pens down'

    1. Haha! :D
      "Out of syllabus".
      "This year, the paper is much harder. It's always us." :D

  3. These are called quality posts! Preeks, hats off for the effort and time you take too - the wit is just overflowing! Love the graphics :D

  4. Hahahahaha glad that I stumbled upon your blog. You are on my reading list now! Witty graphics! Happy belated birthday! :)


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