The Last Leg

So I assume Blogathon ends today. I started 5 days late, but that's no reason for me to continue for 5 extra days. Let's be reasonable!

I actually really enjoyed the Blogathon. Till before this, blogging for me was always a product of sudden inspiration. 

But when the inspiration happens, everything becomes a story:

Suddenly, there's a post in every hour of my life and my head starts bursting with ideas to write. 

This used to happen once in 3 months. The Blogathon taught me that I am just a lazy lazy bum and that if I really did put my head to it, the inspirations can come more often. Maybe once a week? Or maybe twice? Who knows.

The Blogathon has also made me visit most of my favorite blogs more often. Its amazing how this little blog world has so much character of its own. I love reading about different lives, their perspectives. Some of them are so similar to mine. And some so dissimilar!

All in all, a fun month. Like I said, the idea is to now get off the lazy high chair, get inspired more often and write more.

Cheers and thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for the entertainment Preeks, yours were the most consistently fun posts!
    Also yes, starting late means ending late so you got 5 more days!

    1. Oh thanks so much, DI! :)
      I feel a bit like that kid who fell sick in the middle of the term and now has to complete the old assignments while the others have moved on to the next class. :-/
      So, for the sake of ego, let's call the Blogathon off for now! Will write more, though! :D

  2. We are not 'kacchi mitti' but we will end the blogathon just when everybody else does :D

    I had so much fun reading your posts. I always looked forward to your posts every day. I really hope you continue writing and I get to know you more in 2016 :)


    1. Ha-ha! Yeah! :D
      And thanks so much for reading! :)
      Will definitely write more! :)

  3. Your posts are always full of humor and inspiration..Loved the fact that you participated in blogathon and gave us more lovely posts !! Thank you !!!

    1. Thanks for the lovely words, Paati! :)


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