You are only as good as your followers.

Said noone.

But, if you go by the rules of Twitter, this definitely rings true. 

I don't actively post on Twitter, but I read a lot there. And given that I don't generate interesting content, it is understandable that the follower quality, can best be described, on an optimistic day, as "Meh".

But, if the handles of my followers are anything to go by, I definitely lead a very interesting life. 

For instance:

@WeddingPlz follows me. Like, "1 Photo Please". It is very hard to imagine what type of a person is asked to get married the same way that she is asked to get clicked for a photo. But hey, that's me. It doesn't matter, I guess, that I had a wedding last year. Every once in a while, you can request me. Always with a "Please".

Then there's @Ritu. Fairly simple. Nothing weird. Except her About Me that states quite clearly, "Share Market and insider news. 97% accurate advise. Add whatsapp +918758243262." That's right. Insider trading, with 97% accuracy. If Ritu had followed Rajat Gupta (of Mckinsey Insider trading scam), he would not exactly be in jail today, serving a two year term. But, Ritu is selective. She only follows pros like me, who are not likely to botch up insider trades.

This guy is pretty cool too - @RaajaBeta - "I used to follow my dreams, but then I got a restraining order." Ouch. Should I be worried?

But, the one that affected me the most is @YouDisappointUs. I wish I knew how I disappointed them. :(
Did I say something wrong? Did I not do enough? Is it the blog? Is it the boring career I chose? Is it my language? Is it me? Is it my personality? I don't know. But I wish they would tell me. This has been giving me sleepless nights. How did I disappoint them! :(

If you go by these handles, my life story is something like this:

I am a rich share market player. I have a dark side to me. I do insider trading and I do it with 97% accuracy. I appear in weird people's dreams and get them thrown in jails for that. Once in a while, when these weird people say "please", I marry them. But despite all this, I am a disappointment to many.

Now, I am depressed.

Have a fun weekend, yo!


Huge Disclaimer: After writing the post, I realized, @RaajaBeta is a very good friend. He is OK with the post. Said bad publicity is publicity too. Yay! :D


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