Trial (Room) and Error

In my humble opinion, of the many tests of married life, one of the hardest and most important is shopping together. My analysis of this test is as follows:

I think the hardest role is that of a light shopper accompanying a serious shopper partner. There is too much of tricky balancing to do. For instance, the right mix of looking interested and looking bored, so the partner does not feel hurt, but at the same time, feels guilty enough to either hurry or compensate in some other way, such as say, a Baskin treat. Or a trip to Goa. Or maybe a lifelong spa contract.

Not just that.

The whole situation, especially if you are a shy light shopper, is reminiscent of scenes from the evergreen Amol Palekar starrer Chotti Si Baat. 

The pressure to find the right spot outside the trial room is so high. You want to lean back and stand comfortably. But you want to be able to see your partner when he comes out. You want to be able to convey your opinion with subtle expressions on your face. A slight nod of head, that shouldn't be misinterpreted. Trying to understand from partner's face if he seems to like the item, so you can just agree and the whole ordeal's time reduces. 

But you don't want to make it look like you are ogling at someone else's partner's clothes. You also don't want to snigger when you see others giving loud feedback to their partners. 
"The left side leg looks weird."
(By God's grace, the right seems to be doing well.)

You want use your time to browse Facebook, but you have to look up in time to see your partner's door open and him strutting out, before someone blocks your view. You have to mark your territory. You also want to avoid looking too interested and hence getting into unwarranted discussions with other people waiting outside. "My husband also likes Levis. The fitting is better."

But it is important to have some kind of an unwritten, unspoken friendship with those waiting outside, because when your partner comes out and you are trying to peer from under someone's arm to see if the jeans fit him fine, your new friend will rescue you by pushing someone or indicating something to the security guard there.

Oh. Such complicated lives we they lead. 

What category do you fall in? Is there an anonymous group for light shoppers with serious shopper partners? There should be I think. Their lives are pretty hard and strenuous.

#AskingForAFriend #NotMe


Also. They blocked Blogger in office. Like that would stop me from wasting time if I wanted to.


  1. indeed .. I am not sure why we have made life so complicated myself ...

    yes I have a group .. but sadly I am the only member in that group :) whih say No shopping :) he he he he

    and thats the spirit dont let them stop you ...


    1. Haha. :D
      I don't think I am zen enough to join your group yet!

  2. We as a couple are in Quadrant 1, top left. The Dude is a sweetheart, if he hates it, he doesn't let me know! In fact he has been so used to it for 9 years now that once I went without him, he missed the waiting hahahaha!
    Though I am getting older and less patient now plus online shopping is WAY better than standing in those horrible queues!

  3. We belong to (1,2). Everything that you described would be my hubby in front of the trial room :P Are you describing Sherlock or yourself here? :)

  4. :) I never imagined you being the light shopper and Sherlock the serious one. We are both light shoppers here. I prefer to go shop alone these dats, love my freedom that comes with it. And I absolutely don't mind waiting outside for him. :)

    1. Haha! I told him about this comment too! :D

  5. A man who assists his wife/gf in shopping (maintaining a cheerful disposition) is a prized catch and only a few lucky girls get such men!! heheh, this post made me smile all the while and the graph is just so enlightening :D


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