C for Crap

You know, C is for cats who loudly meow.
In fact, C is the beginning of a happy ciao.
C is "See" when you are a cool teenager almost.
But C means crap when you miss the deadline for a blog post.

C is what you want when you didn't study for a test.
C is what you get when you studied for the test.
C is the middle. The mediocre. Its just there.
But C means crap when about the blog you forgot to care.

C is weird. C is third. It's never first.
Sometimes I think C is cursed.
When you want, it is See and sometimes it is Ick.
But you know C is just crap when your readers you try to trick.

C, I have a confession. Without you, it's just an onfession.
Without you even breakfast of (C)ereal is a question.
But, with you, life on earth becomes (C)elestial.
I know I missed the deadline for C. But swear I am not bestial.

For you, C, I will Kross the Seas.
For you, C, I will Klimb the Hills.
For you, C, I will Kut all the crap.
But before the deadline, I swear, I will never again nap.

So on to D where we wake up and rise.
Cross the seas and silence the cries.
Because C made me learn not to flee.
Because deadlines and deals. All begin with D.


  1. LOL. Oh my God. You are so hilarious. :)

  2. Hahaha. That was crappy and yet so damn brilliant, creative and funny! You're a genius. How long did this take you?

    ATB for the challenge.

    1. Thanks CRD! :D
      It didn't take long actually. I started at 11:56 pm (that's when I remembered I forgot to post) and I finished by 12:10. Desperation I guess.

  3. C is for cool, and that's what the poem was! :D
    D for deadline is close, have you started?

  4. I am loving you C in all its forms. C for coolest post, indeed:)


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