D for Deep Thinking

After a healthy dose of Kungfu Panda 3, I have come to the conclusion that human beings got it all wrong. The reason for our existence should not be to rule the world as a supreme species. It should be to just Be. Like those lovable pandas.

Meaning, that when we send kids to school, it shouldn't be to learn. It should be to soak in some sun, roll on the grass and tickle and poke others.

Meaning, that when we enter the kitchen, it should be to cook what we love and eat that again and again and again. Dumplings for Pandas. Bhindi for me.

Meaning, that when we go to work, it should be to swing stones off rubberbands and see who's stone got promoted the most.

Meaning, that when we sit in meetings, it should be to play staring games with the boss and make sure your point of View is seen.

Meaning, that being happy is more important than looking good, losing weight is a strict no and the more chubby you are, the more looks you get.

Meaning, that when we fall in love, it should be to tickle someone, rub someone's belly, make puppy faces, grab someone's food, lick someone's face, snuggle and get cozy.

Meaning, that everyday should be about playing on slides, being a baby, sleeping to one's satisfaction, eating till you burp and hitting the snooze button on life.

Meaning, that human life should be like Panda life. Like this:

I wish I was a Panda.

Deep thinking.



  1. You got me all excited about becoming panda. Now how do we do this? :)

    1. Haha! Let's start by quitting work! :D

  2. Let's make it happen! This is one thing living in the islands has taught me - just being. I get worried that some day we'll be forced to leave and I'll have to go back to a town that cares way too much about clothes and cars and status.

    1. Wow, you live on the islands, huh? That's the second best thing after panda.

  3. Bhindi for me toooooooooo :)

    Oh boy I wish I wish .. wont life be so beautifulllllllllllllllllllllll....


  4. I love Pandas! I wish I were one, and your post makes me want to be one, even more! :)

    Pooja from
    The Side I Hide

  5. I want to be a panda too! Bhindi works perfectly for me also :D

    1. :D
      We are all pandas. Deep inside.


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