G for Give Up

You know it's time to give up when the entire day all you have thought of is G for, G for, Go for, G for, G for.

And here's the range of things I thought of:

Game of Thrones (which I don't watch)
Gadak (The district in Karnataka because I was looking at a Karnataka map)
Gum (I don't know why)
Good Wives (The book)
Graph (I thought I could draw random graphs to pull off a post)
Gudi Parwa
Gumption (This I really don't know why. It kept coming back every hour)
Ginger Ale (Enid Blyton)

And when I thought of Ganga, I knew this post was going for a toss.

So, giving up for tonight.

Cheers and a happy new year! :)



  1. Lol! You gave up?

    Btw, I have now added content to my 'G" post. Thanks for commenting on the title :p. Please visit one more time, now that the post is ready ;)

  2. Its a fun post..I'll wait for Letter H:)

    1. Thanks! :)
      I don't have much for H yet! :D

  3. Liked your way of giving up ! Most original !
    A visitor from A to Z challenge...
    Maya Varde from
    About books and certain other things

  4. You are unique. I'll use your idea if you mind. Give up list some times is better then to do list :)

  5. I understand. I totally understand. This challenge is making me think more than I am capable of. Poor us.

    This comment was posted on the day the post was written via a stupid reader which is nice but stupid so the comment shows on the reader but not here. Wah.


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