M for Middle

When I realized this, I got a little bit depressed. So I am spreading the depression around.

M is the exact middle in the alphabets. Meaning, we are only half way through this A to Z challenge.

Sigh. No offence, but this feels like the longest month ever. Reminds me of all the other times when the clock didn't move fast enough:

  • Long meetings where the job of 80% of the people is to summarize what the remaining 20% said. Only in better words.
  • Conference calls, when I put them on mute and do some other work.
  • Fast and the Furious 7. I slept through the movie, while watching it in the hall. At interval, I could not believe only half was over. Because in my sleep, I had a very vivid, long, intense dream with sound effects. Wonder where the sounds came from.
  • Ki and Ka. Again. At interval, I did not understand why there needed to be a second half. It seemed like the point of the movie had been explained quite well in the first half and that making a second half to reiterate the point would only make it worse. It did. And I slept through it.
  • Induction presentations. I have not attended many, but the few that I have, I felt could have been shortened by atleast 95%. Now that we have joined, what's the point in making us listen to good things about the company again?
  • Organization Behavior classes in MBA. In hindsight, that was literally the only class we should have heard with full concentration. 
  • Exams like Financial Derivatives when I did not know much and waited for the time to end, so I could leave my guilt in the exam hall and never again take an elective beyond my understanding.
  • When the air hostess closes the doors and announces, "On Time Closing of Doors", only to delay the flight by 45 minutes after that, because of congestion. What exactly did they achieve by closing doors on time? Some times I feel bus rides are better. Atleast he lets you roam around outside in case of delays. Thodi hawa toh aaye.
  • When coincidentally, on my long Bangalore-Delhi flight, my phone ran out of charge, my power bank ran out of charge. So did my iPad and my laptop. And my book got over too. For 1 second, I thought life's existence was useless. Then I looked at my watch. Only 30 minutes since take off.

That's about all I could think of. Still depressed. But I am not alone:

Hope you are more excited about this than me!


Pic credit: Calvin and Hobbes as always


  1. Ki and Ka - Bahut Dardnaak movie yaad dila di tumne. 50% of the movie was about gender roles and the other 50% was unnecessary. I still get nightmares about that silly train in their house.

    MBA days ki bhi yaad aa gayi. I hated the HR lectures. Hope you're not from that fraternity :p

    My blog is in need of some TLC - Tender Loving Comments. It's feeling really lonely and empty :(

    Scripted In Sanity


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