N for No

To Whomesoever it may concern.

I hereby declare that I am saying NO to the following:
  1. Working to earn a living
  2. Eating to live
  3. Living to eat
  4. Short vacations. Vacations should only be long.
  5. Books made into movies
  6. Movie channels that show only repeat movies
  7. News that is more opinion than fact
  8. Social Media updates that resemble personal diaries
  9. Candid photographs on social media
  10. Ecommerce sale notifications on the mobile
  11. Being at a vacation and worrying only about taking good pics on the phone for Instagram
  12. Being taunted about not drinking or eating non-veg
  13. Football premier league running 50 out of 52 weekends in the year
  14. People forgetting old songs and old movies
  15. Being away from family

World, please make note of this and stop pestering me.

Many thanks.


  1. All the best! I am only saying No to crazy deadlines for blogposts for now, missed today as well :| Actually didn't even try!

    1. You won't believe it. For me, it has become a little like workout. I don't want to do it but every night I think, let me just do it somehow. Just this month. Kuch bhi likho but likho! I have a feeling I'll stop blogging after this month! o.O

  2. LOL. #13 is my wife's complaint about me....but on weekdays I have to tolerate shit like Swaragini, Kumkum Bhagya, (Chakravartin??) Ashoka (AKA blatant distortion of history), Naagin, Udaan, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, Pavitra Rishta and countless others. Phewwwww!!!!!

    You're a vegetarian??

    Or as they say in Mumbai, pure (???) vhhegg? Aila!

  3. i wish you luck with your list! We all need to learn to say no to some things, I suspect... ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

  4. We all have to learn to say NO! I fail at it miserably!


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