O for Old Memories

13 years back I knew I would need help coming up with posts. So proud of the 13 year back self. Saved me from a post today!

Here's something I came across while at my parent's house last week. Please make sure to sing along with the tune. That's when it is fun!

Hey! Jingle bells. jingle bells!




    Ive now discovered quite a few things about you:-

    1) You have/once had a nice calligraphic handwriting
    2) You're great at illustrations - the uncles' faces are really wicked :p
    3) You really must love Christmas Carols...but because I'm a catholic, parodying Jingle Bells is like blasphemy....ghor paap!!!! :p
    4) Now I know your real name, so I'm gonna stalk you on FB ;)

    P.S. - Lucky you...you found stuff from the past and could post it as a "O" writeup...cheater kahin ki!!!

    On a serious note, do you have any extra stuff? I'm outta ideas...please haaalp!

    1. Oh ooops. Sorry! :)
      I am totally out of ideas now. :-/

  2. Your handwriting is beautiful!

    You should make illustrations fro your blog posts as well.

    The jingle bell parody is adorable!

    1. Thanks! :)
      Too much effort in illustrations! Will try this time! :)

  3. Hahaa, adorable!

    The line about shampoo reminded me of this time in a crowded local when a lady who had her freshly-washed-with-selson-shampoo hair in my nose. Ugh. Also, there must be a law against people who use Anne French before a bus or train ride, which involves standing and holding the hanging things on top.

    1. Haha! :D
      Good point! Local train story is completely different!

  4. You have such amazing handwriting and your illustration is great. I now demand all posts be handwritten and illustrated on your blog


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