V for Vendetta

Tonight would be the final strike. They could hardly contain their excitement.

The leaves rustled and started sloganeering slowly, till the sound of swishing trees haunted the air.

Little rivulets started exercising their might collectively, so they could make some noise.

The rocks started shifting their weight and slowly moved step by step down the hill till they gained momentum and started rolling down at high speed. This was the final strike.

The animals in the jungles sat in the caves and waited for pandemonium to prevail, so they could rule once again. So they could roam around free, where they had a right to be.

The clouds thundered under the command of a lightening. The lightening, their compass and leader, pointed towards habitation. 

Everything came together.

Somewhere a weather station erupted and a news broadcaster shouted above all the din to noone in particular, "God knows what's happening. It has been raining incessantly since 40 hours. Rocks are falling. Trees are swaying. Weird jungle noises can be heard. Is it an earthquake? Is it a volcano? Is it an avalanche? Is it apocalypse? Flyovers are collapsing. Buildings are falling. Slowly, little by little, the city is going under. It almost feels like we are paying for some crime. 

It feels like nature's vendetta."


  1. The things that are happening these days is scary - the heat wave and sharp rise in temperatures due to global warming is alarming. Is humanity going to go extinct soon?

    1. I think so! I really do think so!

  2. I read this yesterday and was totally blown
    Away. But blogger didn't let me say anything!

    Awesome post P! Love it!

  3. This was so beautiful!
    Btw, same as above, your blog isn't letting me comment - it takes forever to load! :o

    1. Thanks so much! :)
      And yes, sorting out the blog soon! :)

  4. Looks like your crystal ball just showed you the future that awaits us. Sigh.


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