W for Wonder

Sometimes I wonder why things are the way they are.
Why Indian sports doesn't have money, but now has a film star.

Why we like hearing shouting matches on our news,
And in real life, mostly, swallow our views.

I also wonder why newspapers have so many ads,
Is it to increase the income of the Kabbaddi's Dads?

And what is the logic for wasting all those papers?
Is it so that trees are forever replaced by skyscrapers?

If making skyscrapers was the end game,
Will Twinkle Twinkle  Little Star ever mean the same?

When little kids innocently ask us to show them stars
Will we have to change the topic and instead show them polluting cars?

I wonder if in the future we can bribe our children.
With random videos and iPad apps which by then will be a billion.

Maybe they will also have short attention spans
Like all us adults who are Internet fans.

I wonder if Internet was man's most genius invention
Crafted by a devil to forever divert our attention.

I wonder how I landed on Waada Raha Pyaar Se Pyaar Ka
When I was genuinely looking for a house in Koramangala.

And I wonder how in that song, Aishwarya looked so thin.
When exercise and blogging are equally hard akin.

I wonder what makes bloggers write
I guess, they're either jobless, or just too bright.

Whether you are jobless or too bright
I am sure you will agree, W was no delight.

Ironically, words and wonders both begin with W
And yet, we let this little letter trouble you.

W could have been a whole new world
Instead, here is a post that's just random thoughts twirled.

I leave with you that, happy friend,
For no more rules, I can bend.

PS: Nuttie, I hope you are reading this. I spent a good part of my free time today trying to move to Wordpress, so I could have W for Wordpress as suggested by you. And I was so sure that would happen, that I didn't think of anything else to write. That didn't happen, because apparently it is a complicated process. And hence, you are now left with this sad excuse post for W! But you should know, I tried!


  1. Lol I loved loved the poem!! Or prose or words .

    Thank you for trying I appreciate it :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Also, I will move eventually. Already blocked a url and all!:)


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