Y for Yawn

I hate my yawn. 


My yawn is too big. Once, when I was eighth standard, in the English period, the teacher was talking about subject verb agreement. Suddenly, she said, "The crocodile yawns with a wide mouth." The whole classes poured into the Wren and Martin to find the sentence she was reading out. I sat frozen in my seat. I slowly looked up at her and there she was, smiling and winking at me.

I was the crocodile she was referring to. I yawn with a wide wide mouth.

And it's not just that. 

When I yawn with a wide mouth, I get tears in my eyes. I even read up the scientific explanation for this. The tear gland situated right below the eye gets compressed when one yawns. And when one yawns as wide as me, there is but little option for the tears to come streaming out of the eyes making me look teary eyed. Many people have asked me worried, "Are you crying?", to which I nonchalantly reply, "Yes. What you just said. It was just so. Emotional."

I also hate it that I cannot stifle yawns. I just can't. Which means, in many meetings, you would find me yawning widely, with tears in my eyes. Not just meetings. I have noticed, it takes alarming little to make me yawn. Most of the times, when I go shopping, I am yawning. I think the lowest point was when we went shopping for the main Sari for my wedding. MAIN Sari, for MY Wedding.

My sister and Mom were seriously engaged in an enthusiastic debate about whether fuchsia suits me or not, when they look up to see me half way through a barely concealed yawn,, with tears flowing down my face. They both glared at me angrily.

But it really doesn't help. 

Some people smile a lot, some frown a lot, some twitch. I yawn. Let's face it.

And just FYI, I yawned 16 times since I started this post. I counted.

Need to go sleep.



  1. That's a cool post on the yawn...it's been a while haven't done that Preeti. The post makes me smile:)


  2. Do read her but also mine here:


  3. When I yawn, I open my mouth wide too. But there's another problem...I tend to get a stiff muscle sometimes while yawning, and my jaw kinda gets locked. I really panic then. I simply have to wait till the muscle loosens up again and then I'm back to normal.

    "Yawn Shoshan" na? :p


    Thou hast disappeared. Where art thou>


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