Stop Doing Whatever You Are Doing

And listen to this:

(Updated the link. Sorry for the confusion earlier!)

It's so easy to get drowned in everyday life and its mundane mediocrity, that we forget to have fun. This song by Maati Baani is so absolutely full of life, makes you want to just stop doing everything and dance. Coming from someone like me, with two left feet, this is big.

Also, the original plan was to write a post after I announce my discovery of this song. But I am again distracted by the song. So, back to listening to that on loop. 

Will write a post later.

Is the song having a similar effect on you or is it just me? Should I be worried?



  1. Hey the music sounds great, but there are no words? Since there were subtitles, I was wondering if this song has lyrics... or is it instrumental?

    1. No no no no. You heard it wrong! There's a whole song with lots and lots of lyrics! Try searching for Maati Baani, Tore Matware Naina!

    2. Check it now! Changed the link! No idea why that happened.

  2. The song is so full of life, as you rightly pointed out :)

    There's nothing wrong with you, it's good stuff.

    I, on the other hand, am now listening to some really heavy, morbid and gloomy stuff. Lemme know whenever you're in that kinda mood and i'll help you with some recommendations.

    BTW, looking forward to you visiting my blog. You've missed quite a few posts, and I miss your witty remarks. :/


  3. Indeed a beautiful song and the way it starts WOW.. thank you for sharing.... lovely music.. and the Fusion... beautiful


  4. Whatta song! Ek number! I was bouncing on the couch while listening to it. The guy strumming is so cute. :)


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