The Big Fight

Last night, the husband and I had an argument. On what would probably the most pressing issue of our times.

You are thinking Black Money.

Or US Elections.


Or Corruption.

Nope. None of that is as important as what we argued about.

The origin of this:

Pic Courtesy: Google Images

That's right, world. The origin of Gujiya is what we argued about.

I said the lovely Gujiya originated in North India, while Sherlock (mistakenly) believed the (not so) lovely Kajjikayi from South India, was actually Gujiya.

Honest mistake, frankly. I mean, they did make a bad copy. But let's not get angry. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery and all that.

The problem is not the Gujiya. 

It's about the Chaat. Delhi chaat is tastier than Hyderabad Chaat.

It's about the Rasgulla. Delhi rasgulla is spongier than Hyderabad rasgulla.

It's about the roadside Chowmein. Delhi Chowmein is a more authentic copy of Chinese than the Hyderabad version of Chinese.

It's about the Golgappa. It's about the Chole. It's about everything that I remember fondly about Delhi and what he remembers fondly about Hyderabad. Everything that we hold close to our heart and fear someone is threatening to wipe that memory with something new.

And then I thought, hypothetically, if today there was an election and the first candidate who comes in says, "To hell with Hyderabadi food. It is stupid, idiotic, dumb and the first thing I do when I become PM is to ban all this food and make Delhi food available everywhere, even in Hyderabad. I will open new shops that sell only Delhi food. I will make a wall around Hyderabad restaurants", I think the nostalgic little kid in me would go, yay, let's go vote for him.

Oh wait. That explains a lot of what happened in the US last week, doesn't it? One man playing to the American's core.

As long as it's about food, it's ok. Beyond that, maybe it needs more thought. Or maybe food for thought?



  1. OMG hearts won and votes given based on food preferences can truly lead to dangerous outcomes. Such food origin confusions happen all the time but when it revolves around tasty items like Gujia, its worth exploring & verifying its origin :)

    1. Haha, no I mean, anything to do with roots and notalgia. Strikes the right chord with the heart and then you stop thinking!

  2. Came to your blog after ages - What a pleasant surprise to learn that you're still writing :)

    1. Eh! Not trying to be cloak-and-dagger secret, but my gmail seems to be logged in to an old forgotten blogger profile :-/

      Share your e-mail ID please so I can tell you who I am!

    2. Oh wow. This like some mystery fan and all. Please please mail me on! Dying to know!

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

    1. Sure. Will tell when I argue with my husband next.


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