Moving Day

Moving Day is here, folks!

Personally speaking, I hate moving. It comes with so many ifs and buts that noone warns you about.

Like, what do you do with that bag of plastic covers you have been collecting for the last 100 years. You cannot just throw them away.

What about all those free guide maps and train tickets you collected on your Eurotrip? Surely, you will get around to making that scrapbook out of that some day?

And that jar of olives. There are probably insects which have made that their home. Can we just uproot them like that?

Noone tells you that you will be adding to chemical pollution when you throw all those expired medicines away. 

And noone warns you that bubble wrap from the Amazon package which you got 720 days ago is not going to be used for "protective packaging" ever.

That old mobile phone charger whose mobile has gone awol long back? What do you with that? Throw it away?

And that digicam. How will you tell the digicam, that it's not cool any more? You moved on to *shudder*, a DSLR.

But the worst effect of moving has got to be Address Change. There is a begging need for a handbook on how to get address changed for the million places where we give our address - phone 1, phone 2, Tata Sky, Internet, Gas, Passport, Aadhar, Bank 1, bank 2, Bank 3, Bank 4 where we go only once an year, Harvard Business Review subscription which we never read, electricity, grocery delivery, blah blah and blah.

In short, moving is hard.

And that's why, this move took so long. No. Moving houses was still ok.

Moving from Blogger to Wordpress. That's the real hard one.

And no good day as birthday to do this. So yep, we are moving to a new address.

Please please please change your subscriptions to the new one.

We are called Preekonomy. And you can find us at

See you there! :)

Image courtesy: Friends


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