On the Possibilities for our Future

I have great news to share. Possibly the most famous economist ever, Keynes, in 1930, predicted that by 2030, we will have so much money that pursuit of money will become worthless. Hence, we will be working only 15 hours per work. The remaining time, we will be doing what we love.
To that I say, Mr Keynes, may you find lots of purified butter and crystallized sugar in your mouth. Or as the friendly neighbourhood Aunty in Janakpuri would put it, "Aapke mooh mein ghee shakkar."
As always, for the rest of the post, please please come to the new blog. I promise you, the post is good! 


  1. Wow, a new blog! *clap clap* so all the posts there will be posted here as well? or should i follow the other blog too (i think i will anyway, take no chances hehe). But I love how I get instant updates on FB now :)

    1. Dont ask. To be on the same side, I am now posting in 3 places! Old Blog, New blog and Facebook! :D


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