Talking Motors

Some part of me believes that inanimate objects have life and feelings. Psychologists apparently took time out to actually name this phenomenon - "Animistic Thinking", it seems.

But I go a step forward. Somehow, I believe that inanimate objects don't just have feelings, they are probably far more sensitive than us humans.

If vehicles in traffic jams could talk, I am sure this is what they are discussing:

Bike to car: "I am sorry, I didn't mean to scratch you. My boss is on an ego trip. Someone needs to break this to him - he won't fit in this tiny gap."

Truck to Scooter being driven by a lady: "Oops. Oops. Oops. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I scared you, didn't I? I am so embarrassed. This half educated nit driving me thinks it's fun to act intimidating on road. I am so sorry."

Autorickshaw to everyone on the road: 
"Watch out! My boss is on a roll. 
Sorry Ma'am!
Sorry boss!
Arrey, I said sorry.
Move dude, I can't stop my boss.
Oh my God, was that someone's toe I just felt under my wheel?
I think I am slipping into depression."

Merc to Alto: "I have no idea how I put on so much length. I always wanted to  be small and delicate like you."
Alto to Merc: "You look just fine. You are special, you know that right? Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise."

Traffic Light to vehicles: "Red hai bhai. Red hai. Dude, tell your boss to stop. Is anyone listening to me? I am getting a feeling, I wasn't meant for this job."

Scooter coming in the opposite direction: "I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. I know my boss is stupid. I know we shouldn't be doing this. I know we deserve to be punished. I know. Ok? I know, he knows. But he chooses not to know. So, just put up with us, please?"

Bus growling to herself: "I know all other vehicles talk behind my back. "She blocks the way" "She is so huge" "Can't see what's ahead because of her". I can hear them, I have feelings too."

Cars heading into Silk Board: "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo."

Cars heading out of Silk Board: 
"I promise to be good and give more mileage. Don't make me do that again."
"Atleast I can tell my kids I survived Bermuda Triangle."
"That's one hour of my engine that's not coming back."

If that's how the vehicles are thinking, I think we are in for a lot of bad Karma.


  1. Hahaha this was a fun read. The traffic light must really feel helpless and hopeless. I wonder what the road must be feeling.. the dents (potholes) on its armor.. feeling all the weight. Does the road have a favourite? :D

    1. Haha! Yeah, I think she loves cycles! :D
      I dont know why i assumed the road to be a lady! o.O

  2. hahah! that was not only hilarious but very creative and out-of-box as well :)


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