Up in the Air

I was flying in a horribly delayed flight on my much haunted Mumbai-Bangalore circuit yesterday. After sitting on the runway for nearly 1.5 hours, the passengers started complaining and shouting at the air hostess. She smiled and tried to pacify them somewhat and went back to her corner behind the cockpit. From where I sat, I got a private viewing into what happens behind the scenes. 

She went there and slammed the tray angrily. Her co-steward patted on her back and pulled her cheek to humour her. Suddenly, some irksome passenger pressed the calling bell and she turned back - Full smile back on.

I was amazed. Like, really really amazed.

I have never ever thought about airhostesses as this human. Of course, they get angry. Of course, they find some passengers irritating. Of course, they bear the brunt of fog in Delhi causing delay of flight to Amritsar, which adds up to the return flight to Delhi and then the flight from Delhi to Pune and from Pune to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Bangalore (which I found out from the Air Hostess, was her route yesterday)

The delays are not in their hands and yet, they face the passengers' ire. 

But I told you, didn't I? I write on www.preekonomy.wordpress.com . Please go there to read the whole post! :)


  1. It's really sad how they face the ire and they are humans who are doing their job. I also wonder how they manage to smile every time to passengers. Guess, it got to do with their training.

    1. Absolutely! Do catch the rest of the post on the new blog! :)


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