It Was Hard..

..But I did it.

The one thing which I always take pride in, is my control.

I eat one piece of sweet and I don't crave for a second. (Except during Diwali, but then, it's Diwali, so let's not judge.)

I watch one episode of a show on Netflix and I turn off the TV. It's not even like I feel I am missing something. That's my bandwidth, I cannot watch more than one.

I browse social media for 5 minutes. And then, stop, because I don't need to know more about anyone's life, let alone see their honeymoon pics.

I watch 2 videos on Youtube and then, I stop. 

It was always like that. And I was so proud of that.

Till recently, that is.

I realized much to my horror, I was not so controlled any more, atleast in one aspect - Social Media and mindless browsing on the internet.

Now that I am studying and I am expected to read academic papers and journals and most importantly, get ready for an exam this week, I am at the laptop for long stretches.

Mostly, pretending to study.

Last Saturday, I spent 6 hours at the study table. And at the end of it:

  • I knew all about Deepika Padukone's 1 Million Views on Padmavati Trailer Party (Really? Is that counted as a celebration worthy event now?) and who all attended it (aAd that rumours about Ranveer and Deeps breaking up are so false, he was there at the party, looking dapper in  casuals, posing with the two young entrants into Bollywood - Sara and Jhanvi - what's up with their dressing sense, huh?)
  • I learnt about Gautam Gambhir's most stressful match ever - playing against his 5 year old daughter
  • I realized Twinkle Khanna and her family went to Juhu over the weekend, she was dressed in a flowery dress, him in casuals. Son, who is normally camera shy, was looking smart and did not avoid cameras (thank God).
  • I saw 16 videos of babies, puppies, babies and puppies, laughing babies, adorable puppies, babies laughing when around adorable puppies.
  • And that most of my friends are traveling, watching Stranger Things, reading, smiling, laughing, posing for photos (always perfectly).

Mark my words on this - Facebook's algorithm is what will cause our race to end. Because while we are busy looking at Videos "That Might Interest us", ogling at celebrity gossip, videos of babies and dogs, and sports events that changed the world - things will happen in the real world, and we will wake up like Rip Van Winkle, wondering what happened when we were sleeping.

Anyway, all this deep thinking (And the fact that I have an exam on Saturday, and I am freaking out), led me to take some hard steps last night - Deactivated Facebook, deleted Instagram and blocked all social media sites on Chrome.

How does it feel?

Honestly? Aside from the fact that I do still have Twitter (And I tell myself, that's because my most favorite professors on my subject are active there and I need to know what they are saying), I actually feel ok.

Sure, a baby video could cheer me up, just about now.

But, I'll survive.

Atleast till Saturday.

Wish me luck. 


  1. He he..Wishing you all the best to perform well in your exams!! :)

  2. I am very very proud of you. Also, I like this new layout!
    All the best - I am seriously considering deactivating FB, Twitter is long gone, but Instagram is such a happy place :(
    Some day, some day.
    Oh also I solved they mystery of 'What IS Preeti studying' by myself - ok, social media did help. But sounds SO amazing!

    1. Instagram is too happy! That's the problem! It has become my go-to app. :(

      And thank you! :)
      Yes, it is exciting. And fun! I'll write about that soon!

  3. Did that with Facebook years ago. Did not feel the pinch after a week. Now I tell myself every week that its about time Instagram also meets the same fate. The time it takes up in a day!
    Anyway, all the best - both for what you're studying and your resolve.


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