For the Love of April

I think I was meant to be born in April, not January.

For some reason, the very mention of April makes me bloom and smile.

Maybe it's that odd in-between weather. Neither spring, nor summer. Just the right type of cold and hot. 

Or it could be the sound of the fan, waking up after a slumber of 5 months. 

It might as well be the memories of first day in the new year at school. New crisp white uniforms and shoes. Books with new plastic covers, making the bag smell like a plastic factory. Excited chatter at the bus-stop. The one new kid who joins the school today, standing in a corner, being pushed by his mother to talk to the rest. Being handed the new time-table in school. The big reveal about who the class teacher for the year is. Welcoming the host of new teachers and students.

April in Delhi is also the month where school days are between holidays and not holidays between school days. Sandwiched between the March break and the summer break in May, April is spent waiting for the announcement about the first day of break, so parents can rush to buy tickets for the vacation get-aways.

Or maybe, it's the new financial year. I highly doubt that though - it's not half as exciting  as new school year. But there's always a new set of rules to look forward to. Or atleast, welcome some new colleagues.

Maybe it's because of the good summer feels that April gives - not the bad summer feels of May and June. April is on the good books of summer. Half sleeves shirts. Frocks. Fan. Getting air-conditioners re-serviced and ready for the deadly May and June. The re-entry of lemonade in our lives. Stocking the fridge with ice cream. It's the good summer stuff.

Or maybe, it's just about new beginnings - one cycle of weather is over, another begins. Time to dust yourself, pick up the best parts and move on.

We'll never know, will we?
For now though, happy April to you!


  1. Happy April and Easter filled with goodies. I enjoyed reading this April snipped filled with gratitude and love.

  2. You're a January baby?

    I'm a January baba!!! (9th Jan)

    I hate April!....and May!!! I call them the wet underarms months.

    1. Oooh Jan 13th!
      Mumbai people are allowed to hate April!


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