This Work is Your Work. This Work is My Work. No wait, Thats Your Work!

Hello Children of the World!

We are back - with a new look! I got inspired by so many people who are doing the same. So I tweaked around the HTML and managed to do this little something for my dear blog. To be fair, the previous look was about as bland as it could get. Not that this is any brighter, but it looks better. Me likes. Period!

On to the Post now..:)
Work. Isn't it the most contentious thing on Earth? Like Kashmir. Like Peace. Like Nuclear Weapons. Except that no one wants work! It's a game of "Pass-The-Parcel" and the poor person caught unawares ends up working like a donkey. It's sad. Really! Now, my experience is pretty limited, but what I have learnt (from experience and friends' stories) is pretty amusing, even to me. I'll explain this through a couple of conversations:

CONVERSATION 1 between Highly-Paid Superior Successful Manager (Henceforth referred to as 'Meano') and Young Newly-Joined Nervous Desperate-To-Prove Employee (Henceforth lovingly called 'Dumbo').

Meano: Hey, hi! How's it going?
Dumbo (Minimising the Chat Window hurriedly): Oh hi! It’s going great! Loving work!
Meano: Really? That's wonderful. So what are you working on?
Dumbo (All Excited): Oh there's this wonderful product my manager and I thought of. It’s pretty cool. You know we are planning to...
Meano (interrupting the poor fellow): Great great! Sounds wonderful.
Dumbo: But I didn't tell you what it is!
Meano: I got it man! I am telling you, this will work wonders in the market. Believe me! Anyway, how good are you at making presentations?
Dumbo (Immediately assuming his hidden professional look, pulling up his collar and clearing his throat): Yeah, well I was known through my College years for my Ppts. Made Ppts for my HOD for his Singapore conference. I don't wish to sound arrogant, but I am Good. You know, last time..
Meano (Interrupting Again): Great. I'll send you the material. Boss needs this by tomorrow morning. Make the ppt and send it to me. Oh and you might want to tell your family you'll be late tonight. Maybe till around 1 or 2? Hmm? Cool? That's awesome man! Welcome to the Office!
Dumbo (Confused, bewildered, worried, unhappy): But, but, but, but....

**************************End of Conversation!***********************

CONVERSATION 2 after our little dumbo has learnt his lesson.

Meano: Hey Dude! How’s it going?
Dumbo (Hurriedly minimising the site):, great!
Meano: So what are you working on?
Dumbo (This time, he's careful): Umm..There's this thing which Boss told me to do. Very important work.
Meano: Awesome! Hey, have you worked on your presentation skills lately?
Dumbo (All attentive and planned ahead): Naa..No. No. NO. My Boss probably HATES my Ppts. Really! They suck. Powerpoint sucks. Work Sucks. Life Sucks. I suck.
Meano: What? That's funny! You know, yesterday, at the bar, your manager was telling the whole group how awesome you are. Says your Ppts are the best he has ever seen!
Dumbo (Suddenly lets down his guard, and starts blushing): Really? Seriously? Tell me na! Really? He said that? WoHow! Awesome!
(Then pumps his fist in the air!)
Meano: Yeah. Well. Great then. I'll send you the material. Boss needs this by tomorrow morning. Make the ppt and send it to me. Oh and you might want to tell your family you'll be late tonight. Maybe till around 1 or 2? Hmm? Cool? That's awesome man! Thanks!
Dumbo (Lost, defeated, shocked): Umm? err? But, But, But, But..

**************************End of Conversation!***********************

You get it, right? It’s so amusing in a not so funny manner. And this happens everywhere. I remember reading this joke sometime back:

An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, 'Can I also sit like you and do nothing?' The eagle answered: 'Sure, why not.'

So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Moral of the story: To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

I remember I laughed when I read it. Laughed a Lot. Now it just seems sad to me. Like a tragic story by Munshi Premchand or Anton Chekhov. That sad.
For now, I am doing my own work, but in a few years, I'll be doing this too? Worrying aspect! I'll go spend some solitary moments, wondering how I will try not to be like that and you go enjoy the weekend.
Oh and by the way, I am thinking I'll ask someone else to start writing posts on my blog for me. Too much effort! There's this Intern who joined recently, junior to me. I can bully her, right? I'll give her deadlines too. Oooh and formats! And scare her. This sounds like fun. What say? ;)

PS: For those interested, I have re-published my post on Greys. I don't care if people think I am obsessed. Because I am obsessed. :) Its available Here.


  1. Hilarious. At the same very inspiring, esp. that little story about eagle and rabbit. :)
    The manager gets the job done so neatly. Perhaps that's why he is paid well. ;) But still as you put it - Meano. :D
    Enjoyed those conversations yar. Very funny indeed. :)
    Your blog looks refreshing, by the way. :)

    P.S. Eager to read your BAT post this time. Hope you'll participate. ;)

  2. Thanks Karthik! :) Glad you liked the post and the new look..
    Its a chapter out of every new joinees' life! And yeah, I am hoping to participate this time in BAT!:)

  3. by the time you will reach that post, you will understand the dumbos easily and be more sensitive meano i suppose..enjoyed reading!!
    Pushpee :))

  4. Thanks for stopping by Pushpee..! :)

  5. Summary:- Be a quick learner, learn from your own mistakes & never repeat them, also learn from the skills of the manager, who traps u, to repeat ur mistakes, & he gets his work done. And the important part is- always appreciate others,
    who knows when u will be needing them.
    Heyy u have scripted a nice conversation, really appreciable ;)
    The small Eagle-Rabbit story says big.

  6. Welcome to the real world honey..Everbodys story.
    Post was really hahaha..

    I know the we are looking at it in a good way now, but as it gets harder, more the frustation....:(

    Oh..yes...I love the new look. Its way better and welcoming ;)

  7. @ Dalvir: Thanks for finally stopping by! Yeah, lesson learnt..Work hard till you become a Manager, and then sit on top of the tree! :) ;)

  8. @ dilontherocks: Thanks! :) Glad you liked the new look..
    "as it gets harder, more the frustation" => More interesting blog posts! Yayy..:D


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