"No Title" => Good Enough Title for Me! ;)

After a super-busy week at work, I have realised the importance of some things in life which I never thought about before. Call me childish, but in my defence, this was my first real world, professional experience! Optimism I have realized is the key to survival. The ship may be sinking, the deal may be on the verge of collapse, the project may look like a leaking cauldron all of a sudden, the team may be losing steam but we can carry through, as long as we have that one weapon - "Optimism". This new lesson in life has embedded so deep in my head that I have reinvented all the perspectives I have towards daily trivial issues. I am jotting this down, for reference. In case I lose sight of life someday, I can come back here and rejuvenate!

So here goes, my revised thoughts on:

Work: Work is Good. The more I work, the more I learn. The more I learn, the faster I progress. The faster I progress, the sooner I will be promoted. The sooner I am promoted, the faster I can welcome juniors. The faster I welcome juniors, the sooner I can start ordering them around and start piling up my work on them! Ha. Oh, sorry..I lost track somewhere. Bottomline: Work is Good Awesome.

Media: Media is informative. Media keeps me updated. I want to know more about the "Chudail in Changul". I want to know whether the incident in the Mandir was a "Chamatkar" or a "Ghirona Saajish". I aspire to be as forthright and principled as "Inspector Arjun". I like news@whatever it takes, I like drama facts. I have a fetish for hype, and when prominent journalists start bubbling up and down on their seats at Prime Time, I have tears in my eyes. I wish I was as dedicated as them. Sniff. Nevermind! Indian Media Rocks.

Etiquettes: People making the effort to open the car door, stooping forward and doing acrobatics to spit paan is good. They love their houses, their cars and their kids' hygiene. So they can't spit at home, and hence, prefer doing it on the road. Any problem? Not in my eyes, anymore. And if "Rahul Loves Meenu" and wishes to scribble that on Safdurjung's Tomb, why do you object? It's a sign of his love, just like the Taj Mahal. Infact, we should all be paying money to see it. Oh I forgot, we are already doing that! My bad.

Social Networking: Social Networking is good. Many people lie on their profiles, but I realize now, that they are just being optimistic. Someday they will be all that they promised they are now. I know they will. My heart tells me they are all my good "Fraands" and wish me only the "Bast of luck". Fraands Rock. I love you guys and social networking too! Muaaaah..;)

The Television: Oh, I rediscovered the idiot box by looking at it in a new panorama. The serials showcase the reality, the heroines - my screen idols, the heroes - my knights in shining armours, the villains - devils of my imagination, the music - background score of my life. So what if the heroine is a jaunty 11 year old with baby fat and Mother-in-law troubles, so what if the Hero's voice has just begun cracking and so what if his biggest problem is facing trouble for bunking school, so what if the villain is a harmless 90 year old widow with barely any teeth! They represent today, and I love them for that! Cheers to our Idiotic Television industry! Love you guys!

Hmm..My new look towards life is going to take me places. I think so. I know so. Can you excuse me for a second?
Sorry about that. That was me, venting my frustration. But, I am back. I am slightly new to this optimism thing, will get used to it soon. I am practising hard, believe me! ;)

Signing out,
The New Optimistic, Positive, Never Complaining Preeti


  1. Hey... Nice post... "Rahul loves Meenu".. :D :D Awesome.. I like the optimism... lol..

  2. Real facts beautifully interwoven with humor...while reading the post ur "optimism thing" made me recollect the mantra "All izz well!!" A great post..Really hoping to read a blog entry, someday, on the V-day hype, the crazy TV and radio shows pertaining to them,et al!!!

  3. @Sharad: Heylo! Thank you for making your presence felt again on the blogging world! :)
    Waise, you know, it's Meenu that I am more worried about! What if she doesn't get a good wall to reply back! :)

  4. @finally: I would rather call you Kamayani than 'finally'..Thanks for stopping by! Yes. The Valentine thing must be a good follow-up for this post. But I can't write it today..There's a Radio Contest - "Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi" that I am participating in..Will be busy all day! ;) :) :D

  5. Ooh lotsa optimism over here.... seems the V day effect. I can literally imagine '+' signs all over the post... I was just gonna hint that you might be going insane when the frustration part reassured me of your sanity!

    Even I am a thourough optimist but dunno why these days i feel optimism is turning ppl into losers considering the cut throat competition around.

  6. @Saurabh: Hehe..Yeah! Overdose of optimism..:)
    I feel like Alec Baldwin as Parker in Friends (Phoebe's over-enthu Boyfriend)- "Santa Claus on Prozaic in Disneyland!" :)

  7. Love the optimism! The sincerity of the post is so obvious, total admiration for such honesty and straight-forwardness! ;)
    Optimism by the way is my mantra of 2k10 too! Which made me install Chrome while in office to be able to comment out here, while being very optimistic that IT is not going to kill me for this :D

  8. Thanks! Lets see how far I go with this!
    And wow, I am touched! With all the good Karma you are giving out with this act, IT cannot harm you in you in any way!:)
    But seriously, what's with IT guys? I have IE 6..Can you believe that?? Try finding something positive about that - Helps me connect with my ancestor's stye of living: Slow paced and relaxed?!

  9. Hahahaha... lol.. :D That was damn good, Preeti. Esp. the thing about social networking sites. ;)
    Not that I've lied on my profile, but still... oh, what the heck! You are right all right.
    Optimism is definitely good. You know I was sooooooo optimistic yesterday, ie. on Valentine's day and guess what! I did find my girl friend, but the problem is, I'm not her boy friend. Hehehe.. :D Whatever it is, I'm still optimistic.
    Super cool post, Preeti. Loved it. :)

  10. Hey Karthik!
    Thanks!:) Optimism is the way to go. I'm telling you, that girl will be yours! All the best dude! Let me know what happens next.:)


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