When It Rains, It Pours. Or Not.

So the Monsoons reached Delhi and "apparently", it rained too! Unfortunately, I don't know for what fault of mine, but I don't get to actually see the rain. Ever. Last week on Wednesday, it poured and I got phone calls from everyone warning me to be careful, stand under shelters, not jump into pools, wait for the rain to end, not walk under electric poles, to stay away from loosely hanging trees, all because it was raining pouring in South Delhi. You know me, nuh? I got all excited because I didn't have an umbrella and here was a golden chance to actually enjoy the monsoon. I even started playing this song, Ab ke Sawan Aise Barse on my iPod. Basically I was all prepared.
Just to give you a slight idea of the logistics of this:

(Excuse the map for the directions. I am directionally challenged and this was the ONLY way I could visualize it. Sorry!)

So there I was all excited, dreaming about getting wet. I heard the rumbles, while in the bus and I could barely wait. But God has his ways of taming us. You would think the Point of Convergence seems close by and I would catch up with the rain in no time. You couldn't be more wrong. I didn't get to see the rain because of a small hitch. Basically, this:

The Point of Convergence became the Point of Divergence. So, by the time I freed myself from the tangles of the MASSIVE, gigantic, enormous little bit of a Traffic jam extending all the way from East to West Delhi, the rain had already crossed the borders of Delhi into Punjab and Haryana, where it apparently poured, till it flooded. I, in the meanwhile, was struggling to breathe in a Traffic jam that extended over 6 Flyover and 2 underpasses, putting up with irritating, meddling co-passengers, talking about the usual mundane, "Oh you are a South Indian? So you speak South Indian? Madrasi? Ek line bolke Dikhao?" stuff! What made things worse was the fact that the stupid song I mentioned above was playing on a loop, reminding me of what I was missing, making my blood boil, and wanting to make me pull my co-passengers hair. When I finally got off the bus:
  • It was HOT and humid.
  • There were no pools of water to jump into for fun.They had dried up.
  • There were no broken trees.
  • There were no Auto-Rickshaws to take me home.
  • There were no traffic lights that were working
  • There was no other way of going home except to walk.
  • There was no energy left to change the stupid Ab Ke Sawan song STILL playing on the iPod.
Needless to say, I reached home 4 hours after leaving office, without witnessing a single drop of rain. It didn't rain again. Till yesterday. But this time, it rained after I reached home. Thankfully, because I know of people who reached home at 12 in the night because of the Jam! So much for Monsoons.
That said, I do hope it rains today!
Or not.

Signing out,
God! It's still Tuesday! Give me strength!


  1. Haha, that was funny!!!

    You should visit Mumbai once during rains, you'll definitely not be disappointed.. the rains here have a knack of converging towards our path, whenever we decide to go out :(

  2. And firstt tooo :) :)

  3. Good One :)

    I think North should be UP side, no? or you see the world up side down :i

  4. @arbitthoughts: Oh yeah! When I was in Mumbai, it literally rained everywhere I went. And that can be VERY irritating when it happens on a vacation! :b

  5. @crap..: Yup. Upside down. :o

  6. I can give you a good company, Preeti. There is no rain on my side too. :b *sob sob*
    It rained three times though and I got drenched like hell, but not enough yaar. I want more. Write a complaint letter to your Rain God na. Pleeej, pleeej. :t

  7. @Karthik: Oh, you too? Good. We can all get together and do the rain dance. Sources tell me it's more effective than a letter! :d
    And you got drenched thrice? Lucky.

  8. LOL! Much ado about nothing... I hope you get your rains.. Because.. You are funny girl... I bow down to thee... :a

  9. Those in Delhi will understand your plight.It took 8 hrs to drive from Nehru Place to Patel Nagar.Rest is history

  10. Hey...so RAIN-GOD played a prank on u...was generally generous with me...wishing u a jam-free monsoon :d

  11. @Choco: Hatt. Now you are exaggerating! :h

  12. @BK Sir: Oh another Delhite! Yes, you will understand what I am talking about!

  13. @Dew Drop: Yeah, I know! I got duped big time!
    Thanks, enjoy your monsoon too! :a

  14. LOL...Heard of Seattle? Move here.. You would wish it doesnt rain. (Fyi...I am saying this after reading how much you love rain..so imagine..)
    Glad you made home safe.

  15. Girl..that rain talk sounds so much fun when you are not drowning in Rain every second day..
    Hope you get to see it soon :h

  16. @Dil..: No ya. I just want my normal amount of rain! Not the Seattle style, non-stop one! Coulpe of friends from there have told me how dreary that can be! :a

  17. @Comfy: :c
    Yeah, I guess. But I should get my due share of rain, nuh? Atleast? :j

  18. I totally understand! SO unfair! We had the same issue once last week, only rains would have stopped wherever we reached, and all that would be left is jams and more jams! Ugh!
    But abhi I wont complain, lot of rains, lot of getting drenched , lot of watching it from the balcony with chai, and a high-high water table that gives me 24 hours water supply! Jai rains! :D

  19. @DI: Seriously? Seriously? That's how you are going to "console" me? By making me jealous? Like that song didn't do enough damage? :f
    Sigh. What's the point crying! Enjoy your rains! Will be coming down to Hyderabad sometime soon. Enjoy all you can, because, beware, the rains might run away when I come! Bwahahahaa! :l

  20. You're a geek (it seems)!
    And move to bbay if you love rains so much ! :)

  21. ROFL :D
    seems the rain Gods were even faster than Delhi traffic :D

  22. @Rajlakshmi: :c Yeah, unfortunately!

  23. :) ok,I'm glad for one thing here. U hv a funny streak in ur body which POURS (like the Rains)in ur blog as words. Or not. Yes it does. :)

    I liked the way you explained the non-Rains situation thru some confused map visualizations but it was fun to try n figure em' out. Well written.

    I'm curious to see more of ur work. Ill explore ur blog a bit. Keep it up. :)

    Ur comin up on my blogroll.

  24. @Anand: Thanks! :h
    Welcome here! Another blog to visit for me! Yayy! :c

  25. Aww...come to Bangalore! It rains here ALL THE TIME

  26. Hope it pours at your end soon :a
    You are one gifted writer :t

    Enjoy :)

  27. Awesome sense of humour.. I am too lazy to draw those X-Y ...

    is this your profile ?


  28. @R: No ya, not like that! Rains are not fun when they extend too long! But enough rains to spoil myself! :c

  29. @Amit: Thanks! :h
    And nope, that's not my profile!

  30. This is one funny post! When I saw the graph first and words like convergence, I thought you were discussing maths and instru stuff :a How did you make such nice graphs? And lol at 'ek line bol ke dikhao' Stupid fellas they must have been. As for rain, I think Murphy's law was at work. But really getting soaked in the rain with cool winds blowing and tiny raindrops lashing at your face is a bliss. Am I making you jealous :c

  31. hey, those graphs made think of some thing else.
    its always fun to red ur posts. :n

  32. @Ajay: Oh! Welcome back Sirji! :c
    Don't ask me how I made those graphs! Took a lot of jugaad on Powerpoint and Paint! :i
    And yeah, you are making me jealous! Shoo off you! :f

  33. ... and we are not even reciting"... rain, rain go to Spain..."


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