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So Celestial Rays passed on a pretty awesome tag that she created - The Things to learn in the near(or far) future’ tag. It sounds like an interesting experiment to write this down, because I am forever making plans in the air about what all I need to do. Maybe, just maybe, documenting it might inspire me to actually go ahead and do some of these things! :-D
So my list:

  1. Guitar:Here's the deal. I have a Guitar, and I can play it. But, it's no fun playing a song and then watching others cluelessly guess what I played. And getting weird names of songs I have never even heard of. So, I want to learn playing a Guitar properly like a Pro, with Chords and all! Especially Eric Clapton's songs. Okay, that's too much, but I can try, right?
  2. Dance: Any form would do. Actually, any method of moving my hands and legs in a manner, even slightly reminiscent of a dance would do, considering how absolutely inept I am at this!
  3. Calligraphy: I have been doing Calligraphy for a long while, but it was all self-learnt! I believe there are several other forms of this beautiful art,  like Arabic and Oriental forms that I don't know much about. It would be great to actually learn more about this from a professional!
  4. Sketching: Basically to complete that perfect picture in my mind. Of me , sitting at a beach in Italy, with a Sketch Pad and a hat made of fruits on my head. With my current skill set, this perfect picture would be very imperfect if you take one look at what's been made on the Sketch Pad. So.
  5. Salsa: Okay, so assuming I manage to achieve point 2 and qualify with flying colours, I get to learn further, right? In which case, Salsa it would be!
  6. Animation: I think it is the most awesome of all modern art forms. I would LOVE to learn animation in all it's types - Cel, Sand, 3D, Stop. Oh and while at that, I wouldn't mind visiting any of the Pixar studios or the Anime Studios.
  7. Etymology of Words: I know this is about as geeky as I can get, but I love Vocabulary! I love playing with words and love watching people use right words the right way - like Mani Shankar Aiyar. I want to be able to articulate with that precision some day, for which, it is very important that I learn Etymology! Go ahead, call me a geek!
  8. Photography: Like the maker of the tag said, along with the cost of the DSLR!
  9. French: Again, stealing from Celestial Rays. It's such a romantic language! Psssst: Girl, it's not stealing per se. More like a combined effort towards learning! Collaborative learning. ;)
  10. Composing Music: I learnt Carnatic music for almost 7 years and I have always fostered this dream of composing at least 1 decent song in my lifetime. I want to learn doing that with proper softwares like Notation  and Sibelius. Some day..
 I think that's about it! As far as I know, Celestial Rays was evil enough to tag everyone on my Blog Roll. Couple of people I want to more about would be Choco and Ajay! Go ahead, become a learner again.. :)

Signing out,


    1. your wish list is almost similar to mine :) YAY for our choices :)

    2. @Nu: Yeah, I just saw your list! :a
      Yay for us! :s

    3. 1 & 3 on my list too...started with 8 :D

    4. @Chinkurli: 8 needs monetary investment. I think that'll have to wait for me! :b
      Lemme know when you start 1 and 3, we could compare notes! :d

    5. Nice list. Etymology and sketching would be high on my list too. I too want to learn French but their spellings and pronunciations! God! Our English teacher in school had once told us that French people eat very spicy food, that's why their pronunciation is like that. So if you want to speak French, eat chili and spicy food :c :c Oh and thanks for tagging me. Will take it up :a

    6. @Ajay: Thanks! Oh good you want to learn Etymology too! It's one interesting thing to learn IMHO!
      Lol on the spice bit! Will have to do that! :l
      Do take up the tag, would love to know what you wish to learn! :a

    7. hey Calligraphy sounds so cool! I have added it to my mental list :P

      Sketching, I can help you with...

      Animation sounds fascinating!

      Thanks for taking the tag up Preeti :)

      Loved your list :)

    8. French, Salsa and photography on my list too..

      7 years of carnatic music.. wow! *bowing down*

      You can play guitar and do calligraphy too.. Ma'am.. you are quite something :)

    9. Oh, this list sounds interesting. I started learning French, and left it off mid way. Photography on my list too. And horse riding and swimming. Now get started girl!

    10. Salsa and animation..awesome choices... I think they are adding to my list too :)

    11. Awesome choices..Calligraphy and Etymology being total different ones from any I have read so far. I bet you will do real well girl..go oh take the plunge and tell us how goes the ride :a

    12. I am going to have quite a few common points too! :D Have to do the tag soon!

    13. @Rays: My pleasure! It was a lovely tag! :a

    14. @Piyu: Ohk. I think I gave the wrong impression there. Carnatic music, true I learnt but Guitar, sigh, just be happy you don't have to listen to me play! :c
      Calligraphy is truly fun, youshould learn!
      I always accept compliments. So - :g

    15. @Ramya: Hehe! :c
      The list is just a laundry list. Luckily, no timelines have been mentioned!:k

    16. @dill..: Where's your list? Jaldi karo yaar! :a

    17. @Comfy: Thanks! :h
      Will have to try my hand on atleast some of this stuff soon! :a

    18. @DI: Be my guest! Take up the tag soon! Waiting! :a

    19. i'm an animator by proff.. so i can teach u tht :)

      calligraphy sounds cool... and guitar yess... i too hav a guitar.. knw a few chords.. but need to learn it properly.

    20. @whisperingmoonz: Wow! Animator by profession? Sigh. *Turning green with jealousy*
      That is such a cool tag to have! :a


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