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*Warning: Another CWG post! Leave, if you are bored already!*

Are you watching the Games? Please tell me you are! I am absolutely having a blast here! And this post, is of course about some of my thoughts on the Games..

The tickets were so totally worth! I had SO much fun on Saturday at the Tennis finals. My hands are still hurting from all the cheering and clapping we did for Sania Mirza! Too bad she didn't win, but to her credit, she actually played well! Till the last ball. With the crowd cheering her for every shot, there was little else she could do, but hey, she didn't disappoint us. The audience was fantastic, to say the least! My Dad kept pointing out how silent the Wimbledon audience are and how noisy we are, but in our defence, if we don't get to be noisy in Saddi Dilli, where else do we get to? Hmm? Bolo? 
The poor Aussie counterpart had a rough time, complaining to the referee about the booing crowds, especially when the collective sound of "Once More" would go up every time she made a foul! That was fun!
This is the stadium, by the way, before the match started:

And Sania in action:

We also caught the Bronze medal match in the Men's Doubles. It was an All-Indian affair, which means, I saw the four cutest men in Indian Tennis circuits! Yayy! So, I did a little survey, in my mind, of course. "Who's the cutest of them all?" And we have the results as follows:

Number 4: Rohan Bopanna - He's good, but he still lacks the charisma. Needs to work on that!
Number 3: Leander Paes - He is SO aggressive! Totally bowled me over, but hey, that chest thumping thing doesn't work for me! Sorry.
Number 2: Somdev Devvarman- Just check him out, will you? Just a kid! But, he plays really well..

And that of course means, that the Number 1 spot goes to none other than our very own, MAHESH BHUPATI! *Droooooool*

He is really really dashing, plays very well, does not thump his chest that often and is such a gentleman! My favorite!

Okay, so I am done drooling. Now on to the real Sports!
I am in love with all Sports persons! It takes real spirit to go out there and perform for the nation. Even someone like Sania, whose pathetic service makes the worst tennis players cringe, even she showed pluck and gumption in the court! That really impressed me. I am thinking of taking up a sport. After much shortlisting and analysis, I have decided the only game I can play comfortably could be Wrestling. Stop gagging or gawking or whatever you just did.
I think I can do this. My only condition is that the opponent's face needs to masked with the face of the most irritating people from my office! And then watch me thrash them. Dhishoooom Dhishoooom. Ha.
I can even make the game more interesting by portraying the mask of a different person in every match! I have loads of irritating people on my list. That way, I will become the audience' favorite!
On a more serious note, I have the tickets for tomorrow's Badminton matches! And after Saturday's experience, I am really really excited to watch Saina Nehwal play. But I promise you, I will not post anymore on CWG. Not because I pity you, simply because I am off to Hyderabad on Wednesday for a long weekend trip and that leaves me with little or no time to post about the Games I will watch tomorrow. Hyderabad will surely give me more fodder for the blog! Hopefully.

On a non-CWG note, I got a haircut yesterday! Woohoo! Haircuts always keeps me in good spirits! Which would also explain why I wrote such a happy-happy, "no crib or rant entailed" post on a MONDAY morning!
I also realized, that today would be the penultimate day when I have to come to office at 8 in the morning! Phew. Immense relief.

Have a great week ahead!
Signing out,

PS: On a "couldn't be more" unrelated note, I dreamt of the Pondicherry beach last night, God knows why! And the repercussion of that is the continuous replay of the song "Gori Teri Aankhen Kahe" by Lucky Ali and Kavita!, in my head. Such a beautiful song, ain't it? Do check it out here, if you want to refresh yourself!


  1. Oooh I read Mahesh Bhupati and my mind refuses to process anything else! :o

    I love the song :D

  2. Yay for getting to watch the matches. I had plans of visiting Delhi too, but had to give in to bigger forces (AKA, work!). However, I have been keeping myself busy by watching everything and anything CWG related on TV :-P

  3. @Chinks: Hehe. I know what you mean! :o
    He is totally drool-worthy!

  4. @Rechristened: You should have come, ya! Seriously! The experience is so cool!
    I am loving the fact that the TV doesn't turn off at our house now! Watching ALL the games! Even lawn ball!

  5. You are having such fab time with CWG :D.. And new haircut? same pinch! I am in good spirits too :)

  6. @Piyu: Absolutely! I am worried about post-CWG depression! :a
    And awesome on Same pinch! Funny coincidence this was! :a

  7. I would love to watch a game or two of yours.. :d

    so, back again to normal timings,good for your sleep. :c
    that song played on my i-pod for the whole long week, and still going on.. yup, lovely one. :a

  8. You are having a blast, aren't you? :D
    Mahesh Bhupati, sigh.

  9. @CR: Aaaaah. Absolutely. I was DYING to write this post!Had such ultimate level of fun, I tell you! :a :n
    Well said about Bhupati. I second your statement! :c

  10. @Anurag: Ouch. No. You wouldn't want to watch me thrash my colleagues! Trust me! :c

  11. Bored of the Games! Not at all. I only got to watch the opening ceremony, that too on TV :b but it was good save for the faux pas Kalmadi made. What a waste he is! Can't speak even a few lines. I wished I were there to boo him :c Oh and the pics are fabulous. And you'd choose wrestling! :e (to quote from JTYJN)I think aapki violent streak bahut dangerous hai!:c Lucky you, enjoy the Games :a

  12. Haircuts always do a much needed boost for the mood and ego :d
    Count me in for I too got my hair shaped and perked last week :a
    So good to see you are having a total fab time at the CWG...have loads of fun girl :D :D

  13. @Ajay: Yup! The opening ceremony was really fabulous!
    Lol! I didn't remember the JTYJN dialogue till you quoted it! So true, eh? :o

  14. @dialguewithyou: Hehe! Yeah! Haircuts are a girl's therapy, quite literally! :a
    Yep, having loads of fun! Wish all of you could join in! :a

  15. Been a while since I came over here! Somehow. the CWG have reduced the number of vehicles on the road. The metro is crowded though :(

  16. I think we have had too much of CWG.Let us wait till after the games are over and the real games start.

  17. @Meira: Yeah! The Metro is very crowded. I guess it's a good thing, in a way! People using public transport is a good thing, nuh? :j

  18. Congratulations on getting a haircut that's made you happy! Some of us have rotten luck when it comes to haircuts :b Have fun in Hyd. I love that city!

  19. Wow! Lucky u got to see them live.
    I agree with u on Mahesh Bhupathi :P :P

  20. Oh and I agree with u on the haircut part too. I go get one whenever I feel low/bored ;)

  21. Drool - paes and bhupathi...sigh sigh...

    Oh and i love the spirit of sportspersons too...watching CWG makes u want to be a sportsperson and aint u particularly proud of all the indian women at CWG...

    psst u so lucky u got to see it live

  22. woaaa gal you surely had fun :D
    lucky you :D

  23. @Padma: Really? What can go wrong in a haircut? They always lift my sprits! You should come to my hair-dresser! She makes me feel like a rockstar! :s
    Yeah. Well. Hyderabad calling! Off today!

  24. @Swaram: So there's mutual love for Bhupati, it seems! :c
    And hair cut too seems to be a common therapy, huh? :a
    Good hai! Welcome here! :a

  25. @Nuttie: Ohk. So, it seems everyone drools over Bhupati. Do I get a first mover advantage for declaring it first? :o
    Seriously ya. I am thinking of joining Badminton! Loved Saina SO much!And besides, the stadium is gorgeous!

  26. @Rajlakshmi: Yup! Loads of FUN! :n :s

  27. I Was thinking off fropping by your home when I visit India and surprise you..but now that you have mentioned Wrestling..erm..no thanks..

    Pictures look great. Poor that Australian player.

    And nope..I am not watching the games *Jumps over the wall and runs*

  28. @Dil..: Aiyyo. No. Don't be scared. The Wrestling thing is only for people qualifying as "irritating people" on my list!
    And Na-uh. No "poor Aussie"! She deserved it! :i
    Sigh. It's okay if you aren't watching the Games! You are not in India, na? But for those who are, and are not watching, run before I hit you! :c

  29. Oh what fun..to see sports live is a diff kind of high is it not..

    Have a blast on your long weekend trip :)

  30. I was in Love with Bhoopati for a long time. Till he married Shweta Jaishankar, and then I let him be. Now I think he is a moron for having left her. I have not read why, so it strictly personal :P

    Also, yenjaii in Hyderabad! :D

  31. @Comfy: Yeah! Watching sports live was a different experience altogether! :a
    The trip was also fun, but now that I am back in office and sneezing like crazy, I don't like the sound of what's coming next! :f

  32. @DI: Aiyyo. You seem to be a more ardent fan than me! I had no idea about his personal life, except that he is engaged to Lara. Nai? :j
    Hyderabad was good! But, ufff. The rains!
    Like I said above, back in office and sneezing like crazy, I don't like the sound of what's coming next! :f

  33. @Preeti - where's your post on your Hyd trip? And, hon, lots can go wrong with haircuts, some of us may be more susceptible though :( Maybe I'll fly to Delhi next time to give your hairdresser a shot. Anything for a good haircut. Have forgotten what one feels like...

  34. Ha! Ha! Kalmadi and his Prince Diana... but 101 medals and a 2nd place finish saved the day for him and his ilk.

    This is yet another of your signature posts... with a dash of humour. Enjoyed reading it. Btw... Somdev Devvarman is about 26 years young and is a Prince (he belongs to the royal family of Tripura). So, perhaps he should get the title of "Prince Charming"... what... ???

    "The audience was fantastic, to say the least! My Dad kept pointing out how silent the Wimbledon audience are and how noisy we are, but in our defence, if we don't get to be noisy in Saddi Dilli, where else do we get to? Hmm? Bolo?"

    Absolutely! We do not suffer from the "stiff upper lip" syndrome ;)

    And I guess saddi Dilli has not looked this good for decades...

    P.S Your hibernation has entered its 10th day...

  35. @Padma: Aww. Your experience with haircuts seems to have marred you for life! You really need to have a good haircut! :a
    Next post is up! Not on Hyd though.

  36. @Roshmi: Really? Royal family? Wow! That I did not know. Will re-consider my ranking!
    Haha! Yeah! Right about the "stiff upper lip" syndrome! The Englishmen are famous for that, not us! :c
    I am back from the hibernation! :a


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