The Art of Judging - Part 2

Many years ago, I did a post to absolve myself of all the judging I do. I listed out things for others to judge me about.

Blogathon is as good a time as any to bring that back. Because let's face it. I still judge people a lot. For English, for partying, for language, for jobs, for random stuff that's unconnected to me. And I still feel guilty about that. I have grown as a person in 5 years and that means, I have more things now that people can judge me about than 5 years ago. So, here. Here's what you can judge me on:

1. I Love reality shows like Bigg Boss and America's Top Model.
They are so silly and mindless that I am almost ashamed to watch them. But, I watch them. And I don't just watch them, I follow them seriously. I follow them on Twitter and participate in polls too. Polls like "Do you think what Mandana did last night was wrong?" and "Rishabh Sinha is the cutest. Do you agree?".
Yes. I do all that. It's so sad, that it's funny.

2. I like reading non-fiction. But I love reading timepass books.
If you see my Goodreads, you will leave with the impression that I am total intellectual, sophisticated reader. I am, just that I enjoy the timepass books a lot more. So every once in a while, I tell people I am reading "Steve Jobs" or "Sea of Poppies", when I am secretly reading Irving Wallace or Jackie Collins or sometimes worse. I do laugh at some of their descriptions of love scenes, but I still enjoy them. And those are the books I finish the fastest!

3. I hate the English radio stations.
I love English songs and I also love Hindi songs. But when it comes to Radio, nothing beats our very own Hindi stations. I cannot stand the weird music the English channels play with Rap and the new pop songs and Justin Bieber and Timberlakes. *Shudder*. I also hate the fake accent their RJs have. You know what's really judge-worthy? When I am giving someone cool a lift, (like Sherlock), I immediately change the channel to the English station, to look cool like them!

4. I have too less patience to follow good English TV Shows.
I do watch shows, but my patience level is limited to 20 minutes. So Modern Family, Veep and Seinfeld reruns work. Beyond that, to keep me glued, you need something gripping. Like good looking men (Suits) or history (Narcos). Hence, I never finished watching.. Hold you breathe..Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or House of Cards. Phew. Said it.

5. I get disappointed when I get few comments on the blog. :(
I know the Blogathon is for myself and all that. But I am quite a child. I love comments. And the last few posts have been so depressing in that regard. Sigh. I know it is silly. And that is why you get to judge me!

What do *you* want the world to judge you on? 



  1. Dude people are just too lazy to comment. Seriously. I comment on the ones I reeeeaaaallly like but it is tough otherwise.
    By the way, I hardly read non fiction except may be Freakinomics and Blood Telegram. I do read Amitav Ghosh and Murakami and all sorts of fiction so I consider that good enough ;) My guilt reading is crime fiction! 😀

    1. I know! But the Blogathon is fun only when we write and read others and comment!
      I read crime fiction too..My other guilty read! :D

  2. The only thing I am judging you for is #4. I love HOC and BB. GOT *ahem* I have not finished watching all seasons because...uhh..there are just so many characters, I can't keep track of who is related to whom and who is conquering whom and who is sleeping with whom!

    1. I did watch BB till Season 4. then there was that episode with the fly. It just went on and on and on. I lost patience that day! HAvent completed since then!

  3. I am going to drop you a comment here. :)
    I watch all the reality shows and proceed to name, insult and tear them apart as soon as I am done. Or during the said watching. It's a perverse pleasure. Dad doesn't get it only.
    I have in the past, pretended to *love* classical rock, just cuz a crush liked it. I cannot listen to slow songs and find myself usually drawn to item or dance numbers. Hindi or English. Taylor swift is an exception ;) and I am a teeny bopper who loves her. I have also pretended to really enjoy classical raag and have told someone that they don't understand good music. Lol. And I have learnt Hindustani classical for 3 years. But I do enjoy singing more than listening to music.
    And Sidney Sheldon books are my guilty pleasures.

    1. Oh hello! We haven't met and I already love you! :D
      I have also done the Classical bit. Told someone they don't have a taste in music! :D
      I absolutely loved Sidney Sheldon at one point. Then I moved on to worse guilty pleasures like Irving Wallace.. :P

  4. You write so well that ppl arer dying to comment in your blog..the bad part is the robot verification every time we got to comment..pls move to WordPress. .please..please..

    1. Really? Blogger problem? I had no idea. I will look into this right away!

    2. Yes! Yes! Yes!


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