The So Called Weekend

The Clan of Saturday Office Goers have a rule on Sunday. They consider performing any activity requiring movement of limbs to be against principles.
So all day was spent on the sofa watching TV. And in all that excitement, I forgot about the Blogathon. To be fair, I didn't even cook and instead, we ate this:

But, if you have any doubts on my dedication to this affair, do check the previous post. So much effort on a working Saturday, with the post written on a flight, typed in a cab and posted in a restaurant. Rest assured, I am in this 100%!
Hope you had a fun Sunday. And have an amazing week ahead. I know I will. And you'll know why when I post. Don't want to take away the few exciting things of my life that I can post about!


  1. I remembered about the blogathon just now!! Now the feeling of writing everyday is sinking in. Ha!

    1. I know! Saw your post! :D
      I have a feeling we both will be the first to default! :D


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