B for Bangalore Roads

I think Bangalore roads are oozing cuteness. Cuteness overload. Really.

Think Winnie the Pooh. Bangalore is a lot like Pooh. Small clothes and a cute little belly. Small roads and a large belly of vehicles.

So basically:

Since we have only half the width of roads that normal cities have, we have twice the length of the traffic jam. I think it is adorable how we want to squeeze in all this traffic into the teeny-weeny cute little path ways, we fondly call roads.

There's cuteness everywhere. There is this phase in every child's life, when they want to grow up. When they do grow up and people start treating them like grown ups, suddenly they want to become small again. So they try to wear pants which stopped fitting them 1 year ago. The leg will be short, the pant won't go above the waist. But, they will wear those pants, because hey, they are still kids. 

This is all too common in Bangalore. You will see these large monster trucks and mini vans. They are big, but they always want to feel small. So you will see them squeeze their way into traffic, like nobody's business. It doesn't matter that the space on the road stopped fitting them when they graduated from a cycle to a larger cycle. It doesn't matter that even a bike guy has to get off and push his bike in that space. All they want is a moment of feeling like they fit. The cute part is that, just like those kids, you cannot scold the truck guys or look at them angrily because, awwww, they just want to be kids.

You know how when you are kids, there's always that one kid in the colony who makes the rules. They grow up to be entrepreneurs, is what we tell each other now. But, at that age, they are just cute, naughty kids. Bangalore roads are full of them. Like the other day, I almost wept for all the cuteness overload I saw. 

So Bangalore traffic decided to play the game too and put up a new red light where it was a freeway earlier. New rule. So I stopped. One Audi guy stopped behind me and honked. I pointed to the light. He shouted a few obscenities and honked. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. He squeezed into the little path beside me, almost grazed my car and went off anyway. The 100 cars following him decided to do the same. His rule.

I say, SO CUTE.

Sometimes I feel like may be it is OK not to have kids for a while. Till Bangalore roads grow up, I think I have enough of cute, childish tantrums to deal with.



  1. haha! That's a very interesting and creative account! That's a good way to look at it. I'd be more frustrated honestly than anything. Well, good luck driving out there!

  2. I actually couldn't help laughing, even though I know exactly how CUTE Bangalore traffic is!:D

    Pooja from
    The Side I Hide

    1. Oh you have experienced our cuteness? Then you know what I mean! :D

  3. hehe I can't help find it cute Preeti:)

  4. Hahahha! Ok this was SO cute you can pass it off for C for cute also :D
    Hyderabad roads are good, but we still manage to fill them up!

    1. That was the plan actually. I was going to do C for Cute Bangalore Roads. But I had nothing with B, so I did this on Saturday. Now stuck for C. This is harder than I thought!

  5. I think you got wrong info about other city roads .. you should see chandigarh it use to be empty and now I ma sure its got more vehicles than bangalore tooo...


  6. Wow! I hate driving in traffic. My commute is very short and at off-peak times, so when I do have to drive further or at a busy time, I really dread it. I don't think I could handle Bangalore roads!


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