Z for Zip, Zap Zoom.

I can only hope that if and when I have kids, they will recognize the hard work that Mommy put into making sure they remember alphabets easily.

A for Airtel, the network that doesn't work.
B for Bangalore Roads, they'll always give you a jerk.

C for Crap, your last resort when you are stuck.
D for Deep Thinking, to fool people when you are out of luck

E for Enough, life mein kitna hai kaafi?
F for Fussy Veg Eaters, they don't even drink tea or coffee.

G for Give Up, sometimes (only sometimes), it's okay.
H for Household Chores, question the stereotypes everyday!

I for Indian Cooking, it's much more than daal and roti bread.
J for Jo Jo, just go sleep on the inviting bed.

K for K Serials. Why the TV you should disown.
L for Lunch. Never ever have it alone.

M for Middle, you're halfway through, but there's half more.
N for No, when your Mommy stood for herself and swore. 

O for Old Memories, when you grow up, they'll amuse.
P for Pratham Sthan. Life is a race. But sometimes, it's ok to lose.

Q for Q, and queue and cue and Kyun.
R for Rafi, Lata and the Likes, music that's true.

S for Super Mango, the epitome of perfection.
T for Thank You, show the world your affection.

U for U, don't dare replace the You.
V for Vendetta, the worries about global warming are very much true.

W for Wonder, always look for the Twinkles and the Stars. 
X for Find X, its there. Somewhere behind bars and cars.

Y for Yawn, which you must be doing by now.
Z for Zip, Zap and Zoom, the post where Mommy takes a bow.

Phew. Done, done and done.

Not taking any more challenges on the blog for some time now. We'll stick to being regular, without challenges!

Thanks for putting up and for all the lovely posts you wrote!



  1. What an amazing way to end the challenge! So glad to have come across you through A to Z :)

  2. I dunno about your kids (coming soon?? :p), but I surely loved your posts. I hope you continue blogging regularly after this challenge, and I hope I am able to as well.

    Here's my last hurrah (in the April 2016 A to Z Challenge that is...). Hope you like the tribute :)


  3. Finally done so beautifully, Preeti. Love love the post:)



  4. Great, congrats on finishing it in style!


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