Tu Mera Hero!

I don't know if most people feel like this, but Sherlock and I walk out of every movie with the feeling that our character resonates with the protagonist.

By "our", I mean he thinks he is like the lead and I think I am like the lead.

Only problem is that we both are diametrical opposites. So how does that work, huh?

Doesn't matter to us though. Because in our heads, the movie was made on us.

After watching Sully, Sherlock told me how he is exact same calm person under pressure. After watching Sully, I was thinking how many times I had think on my feet as a part of my job and how that's the exact same thing Sully did.

After watching Tamasha, Sherlock told me he is stuck in the wrong job - that he was never meant for an actual office job. After watching Tamasha, in fact, while watching Tamasha, I was thinking about quitting and taking up blogging full time because that's what I was meant to do. Good thing we didn't do anything like that. Imagine, with my frequency of writing, I would have had to take a personal loan to make it through day to day living.

After watching Inside Out, I thought I was like Joy - always happy, laughing and positive. After watching Inside Out, Sherlock thought he was Joy - Never complaining about anything.

After watching The Walk, Sherlock thought that just like Phillippe Petit, he could set his eyes on anything and break rules to achieve it. After watching The Walk, I thought he does cool stuff like me.

After watching Dark Knight, Sherlock felt he is in that situation where everyone has expectations from him and he delivers silently. After watching Dark Knight, I thought it was high time people should know my superhero side at work.

You get the drift.

That little niggle in our head that we are the lead protagonists in every situation. Must be true for every human alive, isn't it? In your head, you are always the center of the story - you are the hero, the climax is your dialogue, the world revolves around your feelings, there are dramatic pauses to accentuate only your thoughts, songs sung to make you look nice, bad situations conspire to make things worse for you always and yet, you overcome them and emerge a hero. In your head.

Maybe we are all not so different, after all.

Like Calvin.

Image Courtesy: Calvin and Hobbes


  1. That's the thing about good movies I think. And this resonance may be experienced even when in reality your life is completely different. I remember watching Interstellar and weeping towards the end of the movie when the father and daughter reunite. I could not identify myself with any character but I was so immersed in the story that I felt for them as if it was happening to me.

    Watching good movies is so therapeutic!

    And reading your blog is so much fun :)

    1. Haha yes, thats true! Movie making is such an art..
      And thanks! :)
      Why aren't you writing!

  2. Wow! I love the thought. I had similar thoughts when I watched Tamasha, still do. I AM NOT MEANT FOR THIS. But no, not Sully :D
    And you are right - may be we are all not so different afterall. Or maybe, we are all made up of so many things, that something somewhere will still click. Sigh.
    Cheers to you writing more! :)

    1. I totally thought I was like Sully. :D
      And thanks! :)

  3. I am sure we all are the same .. its just different situations...



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