Embarrassing Reality Checks

This is easily the most embarassing post on my blog, till date. But I guess, most reality checks are.

So, when I was 24, I wrote out a list of things I wish to do by the time I am 30. I don't know what I was thinking, clearly, not about being realistic.

I turn 30 in 10 days. Time to take a look at the list and hide in shame.

  • First the unavoidables, lets get done with them first - Fall in love, get married. :P - DONE. Thank God for that.
  • Travel. A lot. Europe, South America, New Zealand, South East Asia, South Africa, who knows maybe US also! - Well. I traveled a lot to Europe. Again and again to Europe. That does not count, does it? I did not cover any of the other places on the list. And I thought I traveled well.
  • Visit all the major cities - New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, Berlin, Sydney. - Fail. Again. Done with London and Berlin.
  • Travel. A Lot. In India. - Not much, again. The standards. Goa, Mumbai.
  • Seriously start thinking about writing a book. - I seriously thought about this last year. And then I stopped thinking. Not sure if I should continue the list. Too much red.
  • Watch Wimbledon live, in the stadium and see Federer squash Nadal. If this doesn't happen in the next couple of years, I might have to change the Federer to Djokovic. - Most definitely no. They will all stop playing soon.
  • Go to Brazil to see 2014 Football World Cup. Nope, I am not a football fan otherwise. But I love the World Cup! - Nope. Did not go. Watched it on TV.
  • Go for a live in concert of atleast 2 or 3 favorite bands - Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Eagles. Any of these will do! - Sigh. I have not lived the last 6 years. My list of to-attend concerts has increased with Adele. And no, I have not seen even one performance so far.
  • Dance. Atleast once. - In the confines of my living room counts, ok. Let's not be too strict.
  • Fall in love with a city that is not Delhi. #UncharacteristicShowOfMaturity #Turning24 - I like Bangalore. Despite all its mayhem, I think it's good. I also loved Prague. I don't think I can go back to Delhi any more. Definitely grew up.
  • Career! I forgot about that one! :P I don't want to be CEO when I'm 30. I think I found my calling and that's Marketing. I'm good at it, and that's what I want to do for a long time to come. But by the time I'm 30, I hope I'm good enough for people to start wanting to hear me talk about marketing. That'd be more than enough for me! - Brace for the red. I quit my job, for God's sake. So I am not CEO for sure. I did Marketing. I do love it. But, I have no idea what my career is any more. I can answer this better next year. For now, its a red.
  • Disney Land. #Turning24ButStillAChild - More red.
  • Own a house that looks as homely as Konkana Sen's in Wake Up Sid and as classy as Farhan Akhtar's in Rock On! :D - Well, I don't own a house. But I like our house. It's homely and airy. Classy and all is too much. I don't know what I was thinking.
  • Honda CRV. That'll be *my* car and I'll be driving it. - Cannot stop laughing for this one. What dreams. I own a tiny Hyundai i10. The smallest possible car. It's good looking though, despite the dents and scratches I keep supplying it with.
  • Formally learn to play guitar. I am done fiddling with it! - Proudly green on this - Not guitar, but Piano. And how I love it.
  • Upgrade my reading list to more mature books - Maybe non-fiction? *shudder* We'll keep this for the later years. I can start when I'm 29, read one non fiction and cut it off the list! #Turning24 #BecomingSmarter - Again, proud green. Last year, I read more non-fiction than fiction. Agreed it's for the course. But, non-fiction, nonetheless.
  • I hope I continue my blog till I'm 30 so I can cross stuff off this list! - Sigh. Blog continued - yes. Strike things off - No. It's a green, nonetheless. The idea was to continue the blog.

So how did we fare?

Greens - 7 out of 17
Reds - 10 out of 17

I am a little embarassed, but also amused. How cute and unassuming was I. 

Maybe, for the 30th birthday, I will make a new list - for when I turn 35. I will be more realistic this time.



  1. He he..So cute Preethi !! Especially congratulations on making 7 greens out of 17..I bet you can cross off all by 35.. This list is realistic! It tells what you want..Some times priorities get re arranged..But overall we are still the same !! This is to you and your dreams!You may visit Disneyland by 35!! ;-)

    1. I really do hope, Paati. So many things to do!


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