Dil Moon Moon Ho Gaya

I still remember the total Solar Eclipse of 1995 vaguely. It was on Diwali that year and it was visible to the naked eye in India. We got those special viewing glasses and made a mini-picnic out of the day. 

I can't remember seeing too many eclipse visibly after that. Unsurprisingly, yesterday's lunar eclipse was big on my agenda. Only problem - my laziness did not keep pace with my excitement. So, when I started seeing the red moon and people walked in with their cameras and tripod stands, I was ridden with guilt.

I ran upstairs, only to discover my camera was not charged. And that the husband never taught me how to use the tripod. So while I ruminated on this, the earth's shadow came, took bites of the moon, gulped it in all, made it red, and stealthily, left the scene to leave us with a supermoon. And I got none of it on my camera.


I woke up this morning at 6:30 am and looked out of the balcony, to see the supermoon hanging over the city, looking so gorgeous and yummy. While my lazy side kept reminding me how warm it was inside the blanket, I ignored, got my camera, googled how to use a tripod and there I was, like a pro, clicking okayish pictures.

Here are some of them:

All in all, I am quite happy with myself. Sure, these photos aren't close to what those with fancy lenses clicked. But hey, it's a beginning to not being lazy. So, yay.

Did you see the eclipse? Wasn't it just beautiful?

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  1. I don't think you should fret too much about not capturing the eclipse; at least you still got to see it :)
    And these photos of the 'Super'moon are pretty great too.

    1. Thanks Sid! :)
      I was lucky to see it, it was amazing!

  2. As sid said above, the moon looks beautiful and you captured it :) there will be a eclipse again maybe try again :)

    1. Thanks Bikram! :)
      There will be another total one in 10 years! :D

    2. 10 years is just round the corner :) soon it will be 2028... get the camera Ready ...

  3. Nice clicks! Better late than never, no?



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