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Oh well. It's Monday again. Can you believe the utter audacity of this? The week barely crawls by and the weekend flies by at the speed of light. Un-freakin-believable. Whatever. Sigh. I have nothing to write about. Zilch happening in my life. So random musings it is going to be!
  • I am so sleepy, it's not funny. For a second, if you tell me I am sleep-blogging, I would even buy it. That sleepy. And that at 10:30 in the morning! I don't get the logic behind forcing sleepy employees to come to work. How is it ever going to be productive? Na-uh. Never. They should just let us finish our sleep, come to office at our convenience, let us take some forty winks after lunch and work when we feel like. That would not just be productive, but, it would also result in some out of the world employee satisfaction. True Fact.
  • I was super-impressed by all these Bloggers who have started writing fiction. There was once when I did that for the only Blogathon I ever participated in. But never again. So I thought my next post HAS to be a fiction. And this is what I came up with:                         "It was a rainy day."                                             The good news is, the scene is set. The bad news is I don't have a story to write. Which is very surprising, considering the NUMBER of weird characters I am surrounded by in office. I am disappointing myself in this respect. It's almost as if I don't consider these characters to be meaty enough for my stories. Chah.
  • Random posts have to include Television, I have noticed. Seriously? What's wrong with these guys? It's like they have set out to justify the fact that they represent the "Idiot" box. Such nondescript shows. It is depressing! Oh and, have you seen Glee? Teeheee! That is one bummer of a show, nuh? The best part is, I still watch it. Very diligently. What to do!
  • And now my favorite topic! Commonwealth Games. Remember I invited all of you to plan a trip to Delhi to watch CWG? In continuation, I present to you a Travel Advisory
  • - The Met predicts rains during the Games. Please carry umbrellas. In all    probability, it will not rain, but carrying the umbrellas will be beneficial nonetheless to protect you from the blaring sun rays. Yes. The sun will come out. It will not rain. I know so. 
    - Please bring along your hiking equipment, like Trekking shoes, et al. You might think Delhi is in the plains, but, BUT, it is not. The footpaths look something like this currently. 
    That's a photo of my bus-stop by the way, located in a pretty happening South Delhi locale. You get it na, basically, you would require some equipment to help you cross the difficult terrains.
    - The stadia I hear, have collapsible roofs. Meaning, if and when it rains, the roof collapses. It is not as scary as you think. Just bring along some Disastor Relief and FIrst Aid equipment. Should do.
    - We follow a certain cycle when it comes to footpaths. That should be something like this:  
    We are currently pursuing the step - Dirt. By the time the Games start, we would most likely be in the Build stage. Those who have problems with dust, please carry your Inhalers. Personally, I would suggest Oxygen cylinders, but you can borrow that from the people who are carrying their trekking equipment as suggested above. 
    - Traffic advisory: If, as suggested by Met, we do have rains during Games, this is the route you should follow:
    Meaning, please stay in your Hotels, and watch the Games on Television.
    That said, please do come to Delhi during the Games and enjoy the World Class event. Like I said earlier, you are invited to watch the Games from my Terrace. (Overlooking the Squash courts).
  • In an earlier post, I had told you about Aisha. Remember? Many of you asked where I lived. While I cannot disclose that, here is a snap of the road where the movie was shot. This is a 3 km long circular road, this pretty all along. I am positive this scene has been captured in the movie and not edited out!     
I started writing the post at 10:30 and then went off to work. Now it's 1 pm, LUNCH time! I could go on rambling, but I'll stop right here. Still sleepy, by the way!
Edit to add: It's almost 2 pm now! I was going to hit Publish, but went for lunch before that! 

Signing out,
Have an awesomeness filled week!


  1. Hehe...nice post-lunch article to read..Now I can sleep in peace :P..kidding..Good one as always...liked the route to follow :D

  2. @Crap..: Yaawwwn! I don't blame you. I am sleepy too! :b

  3. But thank god for blog posts like this that help us overcome the sleepiness :)

    The plight of footpaths is the same everywhere in India. If it's any consolation, Mumbai has no footpaths!! At least I am yet to find one.

    And road photo is a beauty!!! Another sunshine spot on this otherwise dull day. I hate weekdays.

  4. @Rechristened: Thanks! :h
    "I hate weekdays." Fact of life.
    I agree on the footpath bit though. haven't seen any in Hyderabad either! Atleast Delhi has some crap to boast of as footpaths! :d
    I wish I had taken the photo from the center of the road, would have been so much prettier! :e

  5. Wow, the road is so lovely!!

    Why would you want to go out of the colony to work on a Monday (:() at all ? :P

    Loved your description of Delhi for the game.. sounds so much like Mumbai :P, except for the rains part!

  6. @Arbitthoughts: Eggjactly my point! Can I not always Work from home? :c
    Yeah, I know. Delhi, Mumbai - Same difference! :d

  7. Having had a look at the photo of your bus-stop... I must remind you to carry along a portable oxygen cylinder...

    PS: Even in your sleep deprived state you write very well... Keep the random musings coming :)

  8. @Roshmi: Welcome back to the Blog world! :a
    Yeah, I do have a portable cylinder in my bag. Always. :c
    And thanks! :h

  9. You write very well when ur sleepy girl! I think you should write more often in that state :a

    Great Blog :n

  10. @Wildflower: Geez! Thanks! :h
    Welcome here! :a

  11. I used to saunter in to office at 10.30 - 11.00. And my ex-boss used to encourage us to take power naps at our desk. So post lunch would find me snoozing openly at my desk. Just thought I'd make you jealous :p

  12. @Ramya: Thanks. That helped. :f
    Waise, technically, I am better off, considering that I am taking a nap anyway, with my eyes open, without anybody's permission needed! How cool is that? :s

  13. Preeti I LOVED the post, especially that route map :D Monday blue full on hain ji?

  14. @Tamanna: Hehe! Thanks! :h
    Welcome here! :a
    I have Monday blues everyday.. :f

  15. thats a ghastly condition of Delhi roads :D
    ROFL at that traffic map :)

  16. @Rajlakshmi: You have to be here to know how horrible it is! Seriously! :f
    All the more reason why you should plan a trip to Delhi- to witness first hand the plight of the national capital! :c

  17. Very true about the weekends :b Fiction! Great :a Can't wait to read yours. What a lovely place that is! Looks so calm and peaceful. Just take a stroll along it and let the thoughts flow :a And how did I miss the fiction you wrote earlier? It was an awesome read :a Now, we are going to pester you for more so you better write! :c

  18. I hope you are happily asleep in ur bed, probably dreaming of inception as I am writing this. :) Whats new about the roads. It the same everywhere, any time, games or not. Triple sigh..:(

  19. @dil..: Yeah, I was sleeping! But now I am back in office. Sleepy as usual! :b
    Yeah, I guess the plight of roads is pretty bad everywhere!

  20. @Ajay: Thanks! :h
    Glad you liked it! :a

  21. :o
    I did not see this post yesterday. That is not ok.
    Anyway, i am seeing it today :D and yay, I am smiling! How was Tuesday?
    I am counting myself in the bloggers you're impressed with, though I did not 'start' writing fiction, I 'stopped' and then I went back and published age old stuff. So.

  22. Those smileys are not they were supposed to be, FYI.

  23. @DI: If anything, Tuesday was worse than Monday. :f
    And yeah, you, Piyu, Karthik, Ajay - all were inspirations, to no avail though! :i
    I know those smileys are screwed up ya. I'll take a day off from work to make that right! :c

  24. You watch Glee? Really? :p *faints*
    *after regaining consciousness* - I am still waiting for a story by you. Hope you write soon. :a
    By the way the route was very helpful. :c

    Preeti, do you really watch Glee? *faints again!*

  25. @Karthik: Arrey koi paani lao! :l
    Yes Karthik. I watch Glee.
    Ohho, Paani kidhar hai? :d

  26. some people have all the luck. dancing peacocks, free seats to commonwealth games and films shot near them. Hmph. I'm depressed now :P

  27. @Chinkurli: I won't contest that! :c
    But this would be the only place where I am actually lucky! :I

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